The mystery of change

"I have come to understand that storytelling is the ointment of the healer." Roy Henry Vickers.

I could sense the change coming. I knew deep down it was just around the corner.
I had a plan and goals set but I knew it was best to keep them loose and stay open to opportunities and possibilities.

Change comes from understanding ourselves, both positive and negative, the strengths, the weaknesses. The knowledge of how you respond to situations and circumstances and how you learn from past, present and future.

I have learnt that when you are setting your goals and you want them to stay fresh, make sure you give yourself some wiggle room.  There is that contradiction in designing goals to have the detail but be careful not to be so rigid that you miss an opportunity.

I know that my strength is in the underlying thought that everything always works out for the best, everything always works out for me.  Goals are designed based on that premise.

I understand that you don't cling too tight to your routine or the way you think it is supposed to be.
The best actions to keep close are acceptance and gratitude. Stick with the trust you have in your intentions and the vision you have created as you design your life.

There is a speck of disbelief in what is happening with my life right now, a sense of wonder wakes me up in the morning. I intentionally brush away the disbelief and exchange it for thank you. I am relaxed in knowing that what I can control and cannot control is more clearly defined.

I stepped out and in Clearing the Way.  I was able to be fully committed to expecting. It is a step, big or small is not the point, it is the commitment fully, all of it, risks included.

My story is so very similar to yours. You are awesome and the opportunities are a step away.