# 2 Thriving - Time to Choose

I am really excited to be sitting here at the laptop and writing this post.  

The strengthening exercises from last week’s post would have you feeling a massive change in how you see yourself.

Just a quick reminder about last week…I offered 3 strengthening exercises as a means to get you started to thrive over survive.  

No.#1 was about your first action in the morning and tuning into thoughts of good news and appreciation.  Just a few moments as you wake to get you focused on stretching your thrive.

The second exercise and this one required a little more determination to create the habit of writing about yourself and appreciating who you are.  The exercise is to write about yourself – everyday.  Start with five great attributes that you love about yourself, do this everyday for 5 days to know what it is like to be so awesome.  You will want to keep the habit.

By doing these 2 exercise you find you are lifting your energy and your expectation and your connection.  

Whisps of judgement will come in and play in your mind and try to pull   back to old news of "only meant to survive..be thankful for that"If you spoke critically to another person everyday, like you do to yourself then surviving is all you can do.

Those 5 good things your are writing about you everyday are developing discernment of what is unworthy stuff and to pick it up quickly.   The 3 strengthening exercises have the purpose of helping you give up the unworthy stuff. 

Remember, surviving was drawing your attention to what you don’t have, what you can’t do and just not good enough.  The habits and thought process that have developed from this outlook of never enough, there is always lack and struggle in how you see yourself and getting ahead is a tough act to break.  
But it is possible to create the new habit of self appreciation.

Looking back, you have seen sparks of brilliance, you surprised yourself at what you have accomplished.

Imagine these sparks are your natural state, what a life of joy and ease you would experience.

Remember, it is applying the thrive that will make the change, not just knowing about it.

Unworthy – not deserving of your respect or attention.
Give up the unworthy stuff. 
Let it go.
 It is not yours.
You do not own it, you do not need to keep it.
Unworthy stuff does not have your name and you do not need to give it your attention.

You do not need to be defensive, even when it is so subtle you can hardly notice.
You are not your own worst enemy anymore, you do not need to hide behind logic and reason.
 Unworthy stuff works in a state of denial and refuses to accept how you can thrive in any circumstance.

You cannot ignore any longer your birthright to thrive.

You can continue to choose to vibrate the thoughts of unworthy, inadequate, poor OR make the decision to raise your thoughts and action to appreciation, joy and affluence.

When you started on this path, your awareness of what you want is now clearer and stronger and your choice of daily thrive has become easier.   

FYI...What you are experiencing is a Universal Law - the Law of Vibration. 

By lifting your thoughts to appreciation and love you are seeing the Law of Vibration in positive action.  Everything in the Universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns, the same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills. Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.”

 Next post on thriving will be on living with coincidence and the principle of cause and effect. A good fit with the third exercise for strengthening. Great news for thriving in the 3 big areas of health, money and relationships. Very interesting!

#1 Thriving requires Strength

What a wonderful life you have when you understand what it means to thrive.  

Come Closer:  You will discover that it is your natural state of being. 

To tap into your thrive does require your investment to focus on how you lead your life and to add some daily practises for strengthening your mind, your body and your spirit.

Strength - what it means for me and how do I get it?

I have placed a lot of words and meanings all bundled up in STRENGTH...words of determination, desire, belief, risk ready, tuned in, willing, wanting, prepared, looking upward and outward, creating.....all show evidence of strength in you.

When you want to build strength in life, the best place to start are your habits.  Changing up your habits are going to make a difference here.  It's the everyday little things that will make the big difference to strengthening who you are and to see yourself thriving.

One of the first to crack open is about our thoughts.  

It may not be news to you that the repetitive thoughts that you have are molded into your beliefs and values and not all your thoughts are original. You carry around beliefs and values from your family, your culture and environment.   
There is a lot going on in your head that will distract you from allowing your natural thrive to take hold.
It is up to you to choose and to get really in touch with what you are thinking and creating a new script.

So when you wake up try Strengthening No.1 

Each day, just as you are waking up, tune in to thoughts of good news, suspend any doubt and mix in some appreciation.  No need to try hard, just feel good, enjoy this moment. 
It is delicious to wake up feeling good about yourself and the world you live in.

Before lunch try Strengthening No. 2

Start with 5 great attributes you have or want to have...suspend all judgement.

Put these thoughts about your 5 great attributes on your repeat cycle for the day, repeat again tomorrow.  Get to really enjoy this strengthening exercise just for you. It's like lifting weights to strengthen your arms, legs and core.  It will get easier the more you do it. You are strengthening who you are and appreciating who you are.
Check yourself in the shop window reflection, you will see yourself walking tall.
Evening stretch and Strengthening No. 3

It may feel a little strange to be spending so much time on you. 
It is actually, the opposite. You are sending out such good vibrations, others will feel good around you. You are investing in critical attention to who you are and what you want from life. You are sharpening your clarity and discernment. 

Stretch your knowledge and seek out great teachings on meditation and mindfulness. The more you stretch your thinking and test your beliefs, the stronger you will feel. 

You won't want to keep this to yourself.  Write down 5 great attributes of someone you know and give it to them tomorrow.

Please note the day you made the decision to start on this shift.  To go from surviving to thriving as your birthright, you will want to celebrate

My next post on Surviving to Thriving 
"Giving up the unworthy stuff."

As a coach my biggest thrill is to be of service to others to unlock their best future and discover the tools that best suit you to keep you on track and the ultimate success of living with joy.
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Are you surviving or thriving?

You can choose.  Which would you prefer?

Surviving or Thriving

What would be the signs in your life to know if you are surviving or thriving?

Let's look at Health, Relationships and Money because they are the 3 big ones in our life that can show us the signs of surviving or thriving.

Signs of Surviving
Signs of Thriving
There are parts of your body you want to get rid of or don’t like. You feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You get sick a lot and suffer a lot from colds and infections. 
You accept and love your body. You feel strong and healthy and want to nourish and care for your body to be at its best.
You are feeling of no value to anyone. There is no direction in your life. You don’t like your work and you dread waking up to Monday or in fact any day.
You feel good about yourself and enjoy the company of others. There is love given and received with family and friends. When you look in the mirror you love who you see.
You struggle to budget and feel you never have enough money. There is guilt and excuses when you spend or take a holiday. Money runs your life.
You always have more than enough money and are confident in your ability to save and invest. 
You look more at what you don’t have than what you do have. You compare yourself to others and come away feeling inadequate. 
Everyday you feel good about your life.  You welcome feedback and compliments. When challenges come you see them as opportunities and are confident you will succeed.

If you are leaning towards the surviving side on one or all three of health, relationships and money
you want to change
you want to create something better
and you want to thrive.

It is happening already....You are heading into thriving!

In my next few posts I will stay 
on this track of thriving 
in your life and discover what it takes to see the shift.  

 Unlock your best future
My words are centred in the desire and intention to help people bring about their best and connect to their best future.