3 Ways to keep to your Purpose

The pep talk just doesn't stick when you are this close to giving up. 
You are tired, the money is running out and you are not seeing the fruit of all your affirmations, good work and ambitions.  
You have come so far, you look back at what you have done and the achievements are sporadic and fleeting. You want to be rock solid, you want to live your dream, taste the bliss, feel the bubbling energy. 
You keep trying, you pull back, you push forward and it is such zigzag trip. 
Tired, tired, tired and this close to giving up.

BUT, you won't give up
#stay rock solid

You are living on the edge moving to a new dimension in your purpose and you have a vision for how you want to live.

Keep your eye on the prize....check into your power.....find the joy

"Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world changes in an instant" 
Tony Robbins

1. Keep your vision in your line of sight

Keep it close and when you are this close to giving up, take the time to appreciate where you are right now and appreciate the wonderful vision that you have in your sight.  It's all about being so wonderfully thankful for how far you have come.

2. Let Go of small thoughts about yourself

Check into your power, stop looking at the reasons why it isn't happening. Stop the analysing and the false pressure. Refuse to make judgements and let go and see your genius.  When the small thoughts come, hold them up to the light and let them go, they are not worth your time.

3. Enjoy and Celebrate

Stir up your energy.  There are many things we do not understand, the ride will sometimes be easy and sometimes hard, it is all yours to find the joy. When you are so close to giving up, remember your burning desire and how you could not turn your back on that. 
Agitation and anxiety close down the possibilities, and when you are feeling calm and confident, possibilities and ideas come more easily providing a pathway for wisdom. 

#your success helps many people; your failure helps no-one.

Amazing people don't just happen; Amazing people don't give up; Amazing people push through the limits.

If you are this close to giving up...surprise yourself and be amazing.

What to do for a Half Lived Life

"For as this appalling ocean surrounds the verdant land, so in the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy,  but encompassed by all the horrors of the half- lived life" Herman Melville (1819-891)

Wisdom of the Ages by Wayne W. Dyer is one of my favourite books, the pages are yellow, spotted and worn and so delightful to turn to any page and pay attention to what is written.  So it was this morning and the message on the half lived life written by the author of Moby Dick jumped off the pages at me.

Time to shout out #No more half lived life . 

Here are some causes and 5 remedies

There is something that you long to do, but you don't. You come up with a string of reasons why it is just not possible - so you let it get small and leave it locked away in your dreams? You shrug your shoulders and give up.

There is a fear that is holding you back, you "think" of the worst that can happen, rather than the best. Fears have a way of giving you the answers of why it is impossible and if you think it, it will be so.
You are defensive, you look away or wave your hands as to push it away.

You have made your life so busy, you haven't given yourself permission to discover what you really want to make of your life. You are stuck on the everyday roundabout and what you want to do, travel, write, sing, share, work with the poor, learn, discover is put on hold for another time.
You sigh a lot and feel jealousy and frustration more often.

If you stay on the everyday roundabout it does comes with a price and what could be more devastating than to look back on your life as one that is half lived, full of regrets because you thought it impractical or impossible.


#listen to your heart
A. Fashion your dreams into goals and into actions
B. Look for confirmation, find the people who are already doing what you want to do
C. Imagine the experience, use all your senses and see all the details of what you love doing
D. Please, Ask for help

4 Gems for Unstoppable Goals

4 gems to set up your goals for fun and profit and are unstoppable.

Do you set up your goals for the calendar year or somewhere in between?

Wait - I need to start with the obvious question  - 

             Do you set up your goals?

Is your goal setting fun or is it a chore?

Are your goals so close to you, that you think about them every day?

Do you have big audacious goals in the mix?

Do you get excited about what it will be like when you see your goals happen?

Ok, just some questions to get you reflecting on how you are going with your goals as it can be just the remedy for you at this time of year to see how far you have come. 

When your goals are fun to make happen and you are profiting from the experience, you are  unstoppable!

Here are just 4 gems to help your goals be fun,  profitable and unstoppable.

No. 1 What were you thinking?

Has this happened to you?  It seemed like a perfectly sane moment when I wrote the goal but now it is not the right fit, I have changed a little, see things differently, gained more perspective.

The right goals for you do not require to be pulled, they push you along - you can change or tweak them. What is more important to making it happen, is that you are thinking of them and they are a part of your life.

When defining your goal remember to savour the moment, don't rush it.  It is worth your time to imagine what it will be like when you reach the goal, how you are going to get there and what that will be like.  

Goals are so much more than words on paper and sticky notes, they need to come alive for you. Make it an occasion, goals are not your shopping list, they are very important to you planning your best future - give it the ceremony it deserves and have fun with putting them together.

No 2. When is the best time?

Some use the New Year as an incentive to look at what to do in the future, that can come from a sense of frustration , you know, because you have been slack in the last year. 

Frustration is a motivator but I find my goals loose their impact after awhile and end up on the never never plan. When is entirely up to you, don't rely on custom to get you started.  If your goals have gone stale, it time to take another look. Make your own goal anniversary dates, and do the daily check in on what you will do and have done that is helping you reach your goal.

No. 3. How do I keep them fresh? 

When you want to keep something fresh, you put it in the right environment. Yes? 
Would you keep your milk on the kitchen bench? So , for your goals to stay fresh, you choose the right environment. 

One way is to take stock of what you have accomplished - a pat on the back time.  

What are you most proud of?
What would be your newspaper headline for what you have achieved?
What have you done differently? 
What was so exciting about what you have accomplished?

Now that you are pumped, ask yourself these questions?

What was boring to you and how are you going to change it up?
Where did you get stuck and what are some different, quirky ways of making it happen?
Who helped me along the way and how did they help me?
What can I do for them?

Another way is to be creative with how you have written your goals.

Stick it notes everywhere
Funny titles for each of your goals - one of my goals has to do with healthy habits - so I called it my "Sleek, Strong, Sexy" goal.
Have fun with images, draw, copy and paste, use other mediums to really rev up the intensity of the emotions you have attached to getting your goal.  Keep the sense of adventure and fun in your goals.

No 4. Why is this important to me? 

To say "I want to be healthier", or " I want to earn more money" are good thoughts, though they are missing the crucial parts of why you want to be healthier, how you are going to get healthier, when you want to see a difference and what difference you are after.  Those really defined parts that make it a goal.

It's the WHY you are setting the goal that makes it unstoppable.   Don't lose sight of the WHY, the absolute must for accomplishing the goal and this can come from a positive or negative reason.  As long as the WHY for your goal is so important to you, it will keep you motivated and unstoppable.

Making friends with the RAS

Let's hear it for RAS!  

What a wonderful part of the brain and it is your perfect tool to create your best future.

RAS is Reticular Activating System and it works as a filter for all the data that is around us, and the RAS will focus on what is important to us.  It helps the senses from being overloaded with all the information that comes our way every millisecond of the day. 

For survival's sake the RAS is very important, it responds to your name, anything that threatens your survival and quick with information that you need immediately. 

There is more....

The RAS has an important role in other functions, like sleep and waking, your behavioural motivation, breathing and the beating of your heart. 

It is your radar detector, your focus finder.

So, give your RAS something important to focus on, like what you want for your future, to be clear on your goals and what you want in your life.

Here is a simple example and one you would have experienced too. When I wanted to buy a car, I had one in mind that I wanted to buy.   Up until then I never knew there were so many of the particular car I liked on the roads!  The thing is they were there all the time, it was just that I was now paying attention.  My RAS  was doing it's function and filtering what was then important to me.

 Now you know about the RAS, you know that it can be very helpful  to creating your best future.

Here are 2 ways to "make friends" with your RAS 

Emotive Affirmations 
Remember your self talk can either work for or against you.
Your RAS will give you your proof and strengthen your belief.  

The affirmations you tell yourself everyday are what your RAS will filter for you, provide you the proof and strengthen your belief.

Is your affirmation " I will never lose weight?'  Guess what?  You never do.
Is your affirmation " I am good with money?"  Guess what? You are.

Make your affirmations count and let your RAS give you the proof to strengthen the positive belief you have about yourself and others.

Setting Goals
Be clear and specific with your goals.  This allows your RAS to set the right filters. Even when you are not really thinking about your goals, your brain knows that they are important and will make note of anything that might relate to them. 

When it comes to goals, I like to start out with visualisation and feeling boards , get my images, my thoughts and my feelings out, explore what it is I want to achieve , what is important and get this down on paper .  Then I move to define and detail my goals and my actions. With all the noise and stimulus that is around us every day you have given your Reticular Activating System, very valuable information to filter what is important to you.   


Practise expecting the best from yourself

We do not see things the way they are; 
we see things the way We are.

I did learn this in Basic Communications and all about being aware of the filters you have for sending and receiving messages and how you put your spin on what you have seen or heard. I need reminding. 

We know enough about brain function now to know that when we fixate on the negative, or we believe that we are limited in what we can achieve that we lose sight of our resourcefulness, we become constricted in our view and interpret from a place of worry, anxiety and it is a lonely place. The negative view messes with how we communicate and how we interpret our view of the world.
To improve how you see things in life increase the number of positives you see in your life. 

Positives start to multiply, the more good you look for, the more you will find and it just keeps increasing.

To increase that positive view and build your communication strength, here a few reminders.

Pay attention to what you think and what you say 
  • It is a matter of choice, so choose to move to a grateful, positive frame of mind   
  • Look for what you appreciate, what you admire
  • Make it a practise and turn it into your natural state 
This is not always easy, you can fall back and need reminding to increase those positives, especially if you are really angry or frustrated.  If you have been struggling with a person or a situation it can be difficult to take your attention away from what you don’t like.  Difficult but it still can be done.  Practise expecting the best from yourself, from your situation and from others.