Evolving Goals

Your goals are points of history in your life.

They are created by you, they grow and change by your design and will become your past.  

Goals are the milestones in your story.

Look at the goals you create as the stepping stones you have placed down and can easily be moved and altered.  You created them, you can change them.

View your goals as always evolving to suit your present situation with the force to change your future and be a part of your past. 

Do not take on board that your goals are fixed points and cannot be altered because when goals are fixed and do not turn out exactly how you wanted, then blame and guilt are used to explain why you did not serve the goal.
The striving creates its own glass ceiling and allows in the feeling of never good enough, a fertile ground for feeding stress, excessive striving and anxiety.  

Let go of the grip on fixed goals.  

A fixed goal creates this spin cycle, a stagnant fixed point in time that will never be the right fit for a person who is always learning, always evolving, always expecting better.

Every day your goals can morph and create a fluid momentum, the words will change but the original intention has expanded. Goals are a tool for working towards being better.  You are not backing away from your goals, see them as part of your life and so are expected to evolve.  

Goals are meant to laser your focus to step out your first action, then your second action, your third action... The actions you have determined are fluid and dynamic.

Use action verbs to see your goals as a dynamic force. It is your creation and it is you who will continue to breathe life into these actions.  

When your heart is determined your mind and body will follow.   

Ask questions of what, when, how and why these goals mean so much to you. 
Your questions are fresh, energised and focused for a new day, new week, new goal ...

                What would you like to have happen instead?  
                What is it like looking back to the way it used to be?
                With all your new insights what is it like in the future?
                What am I now so grateful for?
                Who is the person I am willing to become?

Factor in the risk taking for your goals

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
"I don't much care where –"
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go.” 

  But....what if, you want to be better, to do better, to have better?  What if you do care where you want to go?

You will be inviting risk into your life.

Venturing into something new will always bring with it a risk.   Whenever we step out to design the life we want, when we set the intention and fashion the goals there is always risk.  The goals you create are meant for your self development and risk taking provides the stretch for personal growth and self respect.

How you view and manage your risks will determine how far you go.

3 Tips to embrace the risk

  • Do your Research
  • Prepare and Expect
  • Ride the Resistance


Risk taking requires research. 

        Fill your brain with knowledge because knowledge is the precursor to experience. Experience fuels your confidence.  Confidence grabs risk by the throat.  

         Risk taking is for the courageous, the truth seeker, the bold. Be prepared by giving yourself the time each and every morning to fuel these traits in you.  Find the quiet spot and fill your mind and soul with positive mental repetition of who you are and what you achieve. 
You are prepared, capable and ready for the risks that are there to take you where you want to go.  Not any way will do for you, only the path you have created and the risks you have faced will ever be enough for you.

Expect something wonderful to happen in your life today.

       Risks bring resistance and use this resistance as your tail wind.
Expect it and critique it.
It will come both from without and within.
      This serves to sharpen your focus on the end result

Take it as a natural progression that you question your decisions. You have stood up and chosen the dance of life and you will check your step, your motives to remain true to your intention.   You are moving in your right direction.  Even the small steps are progress, remember you have momentum.


. Mine  for  your resources. Risk first requires research.


What I Want Wants Me

Every morning I set aside at least 30 minutes for quiet thought and meditation, I have been doing this practise for so long now that my mind and body urges me to sit, focus on my breathe and be enveloped in quiet meditation.

I cherish this routine as it has provided a gateway into knowing myself better and to strengthen my focus on what is important to me.  The time out has helped me to limit the feelings of urgency, haste, confusion, doubt and build on the thoughts of safety, assuredness, direction.

So many benefits from doing this simple daily exercise and one benefit I want to touch on today is the friendship you develop with your inner wisdom.

Let's say you are ready to set up your goals, yet the patterns of procrastination and limiting beliefs in who you are and what you can do are a minefield to making your goals happen.  You think it is an easier path to invent excuses and apportion blame.  This small thinking is not the safe option, actually it is the more dangerous as you gradually separate more from your true identity and your inner calling.

What if you gave yourself ten minutes a day to not push or pull, to just sit and listen to your breathing?  So simple.

When you quieten your mind and close the door on the chatter, you enter into a friendship with your inner wisdom.  At first, it is awkward but when you persist, you become more acquainted, you trust yourself more and there is no space for rebukes, judgement and criticism.  The resistance is known yet not an excuse anymore.

Find your best time for 10 minutes, explore what other ways you can do to develop your friendship with your inner wisdom.  Soon finding the time is no longer an issue and you will expand your determination and focus for what is good for you.

You will reside in a place where you know that what I want, wants me and what I seek, seeks me.