Reminder on Life Balance

How do you achieve balance in your life?

Are you searching for balance in your life, where you can get done what you want to get done and enjoy every moment?  

Do you lie in bed on a Sunday night, dreading the week ahead?
It feels like there are so many competing priorities?
Do you get overwhelmed by all the business in your life?
The direction for your life is set by others and you are not feeling in control?
Do you feel like you are just surviving?

Do you know what is a balanced life for you, not someone else's idea of what a balanced life looks like?  

What is Life Balance?
Well it includes these and more...
Balance is more than time management
Balance joins not separates work and life
Balance is dynamic
Balance has boundaries set by your priorities
Balance shows up as calm, see things with clarity, motivated
Balance is what works for you. 

Balance is not measured by a clock

The clock is not a good indicator of a life in balance.  When you put your life in compartments, time set for the job, time set for the family and relationships, time set for you and the belief that balance can be achieved in a systematic orderly way. It may look like you have your act together and all is in order, but remember life is always in motion and you need to adapt.

When you set your life by the clock you are setting yourself up for ripples of frustration.  Your balance is not based on the time you spent in each compartment of your life; they are achieved when you are enjoying the moment and the value it is bringing to you and to others. When you are juggling your job, others are relying on you to show up every day, when your day can go in so many different directions, assigning a percentage of your day to each "part" can pull you and put you off balance. 

When it comes to balance I think of how the tight rope walker uses balance and how the brain and the body work together, always in motion, readjusting to what is needed but focused on taking one step at a time. 

Balance comes from being in the present moment, to be able to adapt and adjust and get back on track.

Balance needs a compass

The compass is a good indicator of a life in balance. To source your balance work out what really is important, what are the priorities?  Your priorities give you your compass direction. 

Balance starts from knowing what is important to you and what you want to focus on - you have set the direction, your compass direction.  There will be urgent stuff to get done, the unexpected and that's ok, because you will readjust back to your compass direction. 

Working out your priorities is going to help with your goals and what you want to accomplish and more importantly see a shift in your life to sourcing the balance. Start small, it is better to make small adjustments over time, you are trying out what works for you.  

A Positive View

This is what happens when you view life through a positive lens....

1. Expect to be the Master of your life

You make many, many choices everyday and are bombarded with the opinions of others. The positive view is setting you up to raise your expectations to expect the best, to look for the best, to seek out the best in you and in your world and to be the master of your choices, your decisions. You shift your perspective from pleasing someone else to showing yourself as incredible, unique and amazing.

2. Discernment grows and right actions follow

What you will reap is trusting your discernment in taking the right actions and to manage the contrasts in your life.  It is not a fantasy life but one built on knowing that you have the strength of will to accept and expect life's opportunities and obstacles.

3. Increase in your Influence and Energy

As your positive outlook starts to seep through your mind and body you notice you attract the same.   The energy you exude is positive, your body language, the tone, pitch and pace of your voice portrays a person of wisdom.  You have the ability to control how others perceive you.  You decide how you want to be perceived. You decide the measure of influence you have.

4. Rise in Intuition Sensitivity

You are training yourself to focus.  Watch your thoughts, question beliefs, weigh up the pros and cons, sharpen your awareness. You are seeing your life and the world around you with a wider lens. You will notice the opposite happens when you revert to the negative and your world gets smaller and tougher to handle.

5. Flow, Motivation and Goals are in sync

You are thinking and feeling positive....its a great day and what you also notice is that motivations come naturally and the day unfolds.  There is a flow to what you do and a synchronicity to your life.

This is just 5 and so many more can be added to the list.

When you are in need of a boost to move more into a positive view...start with your habits.

Here are 3 Habits to help you to strengthen a positive view...

1. Train your brain to think greater than the situation. Set your thinking to thankfulness, look for ways to be and show thanks.
Do this habit every day..wake up giving thanks.  Don't get up until you feel thankful. This will shape your thinking for the rest of the day.

2. Every negative deserves a positive. Consciously control your mental chatter.  When you think, speak, act in a negative way....see it as sabotage, stop and change.
Get in the habit of catching as many of the negatives as you can in a day...tomorrow you will do better.

3. Give your self 10 minutes every day to confirm your goals. Write them, say them, visualise them and of course be thankful that the goals you want, you have already.