Dreaming on Purpose

To follow your dream speaks of a fundamental human need of wanting to be more, have more, do more in our lives. You are born with the inherent gift to dream for something better. 

The words " dreams do come true "  tug at our aspirations and motivate us to evolve and strive for a richer reality and purpose. 

Our dreams fuel our hope and can strengthen our wellbeing and develop our uniqueness. 

It also comes with a warning. 
Our consumer culture and materialistic values can skew our big dreams.  

If we are not grounded in who we are, the want is like filling a leaky bucket, there is never enough. You talk yourself into never enough...and you believe the deception that what I dream for in my life is always out of reach. 

We can lose sight of what is important in our life. 

The dream that is not well thought out can lead to risky decisions, failure and inner conflict. 

Recognise that there is power here when dream and purpose unite.

Your dream still needs structure, momentum and a skill set.

A reality check provides you the wisdom to see how your dream can be a reality and the part you are playing in it, to make it happen. 

Reality Check No.1 is the WHY

1. Reflect on the Why for your dream. Why is it important to you?

2. Think about what it would be like to have this dream come true...not in a "dreamy" way, but in a real everyday way. 

3. Be honest with yourself, that this dream is genuinely yours. You are not conforming to what other people, latest trends or society want for you. 

Knowing yourself and your core values keeps you grounded in your truth and take ownership of what you aspire to for your life.

You don't want to go down a rabbit hole and find out later this was not what you wanted.

4. Why will my dream be of benefit to others? 

There is more momentum when you bring your relationships or the wider community into your dream. Think outside your own world. 

The effect you have on others is the most valuable gift.

Reality Check No. 2 is the WHAT

1. What is working in your favour? 

Write down all about you, your strengths,  your values, what you know to be true, how you have grown through your problems.....

2. What do I need to make this happen?  

The reality is that there maybe things in your life now that will need change for your dream to happen.

3. What does this dream you have look like? 

Be clear and write it down.  Explore the journey you are on as it is far more important than the results. 

4. What system do you need to put in place?  

Examine your daily actions...what habits, what is the thinking that will speed the progress of your dream?

& so keep on dreaming because..."the best way to predict your future is to create it"  Abraham Lincoln.