Why have a coach?

The successful athlete knows the power of coaching to improve their skills and keep them focused on their end goal.  What those people want to achieve in life, is the same as everyone else and that is to get out of their own way, see more clearly with intentional thought and build behaviours for action.  We see the coach role diversifying into many fields, like relationship, business, wellness, career to offer a few.    

It is not something new, but certainly is at a stage where it is far more excepted as a good decision to access the support and scaffold on the skills and experience of others to better our life opportunities.

You can do it alone but by investing in a coach you can achieve far more and get there a lot faster.  

Let me put forward a few simple reasons to answer "why have a coach" and let me know what you believe and if it is worthwhile having a coach for your own needs or as a business need.

1. A coach can be a powerful resource

The coach helps with the focus on your goals, with no other motive than to increase your chances for engagement leading to success.

2. Use a coach as a push and pull leverage

Coaches can ask the challenging questions, they provide the stimulus to motivate to the call for action, point out the blind spots, know your strengths.  You want to move forward, you want to make changes, a coach helps you push it forward.

3. Coaches provide accountability

Someone who is on your side and motivates us to act. A coach offers clarity to help you invest your time and your energy in only the most beneficial opportunities, see it as cutting through the clutter to get you to your preferred reality.

4. A coach has a mission

The reason coaches move into this arena, is that they have a strong mission to help others.  Use their mission to support your mission.

Secrets of a Problem Solver

Problems come to us everyday, the simple and not so simple.

How we solve these problems shows the character and leadership of how we choose 
to run our lives. 
As you unlock your best future you want to master problem solving.  
Here are 11 not-so-secret traits of the problem solver
Your checklist reminder of what to do when you face a problem.
(Also Infographic at the end) 

1. Don't jump to conclusions and assumptions
The method you used for a problem in the past, may not work for this one. Ready to solve, then start with an open heart and an open mind.

2. Aware of your perception of the problem
Perceptions can cloud your judgement. What you think,what you believe, what you have experienced influences your decision making. Be mindful your perception is not 100% reliable.

3.  Solving vs Winning
Action is only based on achieving an outcome. More problems are created when there is comparing and competing and the need to always be right.

4.  Work out the core problem
Ask the 5 WHY questions to look for the core problem.  A problem solver is always ready for the reality check. An aide to opening perceptions.

5.  Use all your senses
Like any good detective you gather all your information. You do this best by using all your senses. Your acute observation skills improves clarity of the situation.

 6. Curiosity to explore options
Your thinking, attitude and emotions is set on anything is possible. There is tenacity and curiosity to create new solutions.

7. Know the worst case scenario
Once you know the worst case scenario you can plan, prepare, prove and deliver. Courage comes forward to see this problem through to the best outcome.

8. Know your skills and limitations
As part of a community you know help is asked for and given. There is confidence in your abilities and humility to acknowledge your limitations.

9. Use both logic and intuition
Both work well together. Don't rush into any answer. Use the tools for problem solving to flesh out all suggestions and be guided by your intuition.

10. Positive Outlook
Look at what is working well now. There is always two sides. There is always something to learn from the problem.

11. Creativity
A key attribute for the problem solver. Willing to explore the new and imaginative. Ready to stand by your ideas.

A lesson on follow through

Like an open journal the once a week post lets me spill what tugs at my thoughts in a hundred words or less.

What I express may hit the target for another, a chance to spark an idea, a commune of like minds who are on the look out for every atom of inspiration.

Today, this lesson is for me and as I share, it may be for you.

Everyone and anyone can start the steps towards your goal,  the key is the consistency to keep going and  with the enthusiasm you had on the first day.  Here is the weak link...the follow through is the toughest part.  I can be ok for a week, maybe more but the tiny winy shiny object syndrome can grab me and pull me away from what was something important and worthwhile to deliver on my goals.

"Follow through" is the most important action to your goal design kit.Let me separate it into Parts to explain. Only 3 parts -  Parts A to C and the 2 Essentials hidden in plain sight.

Part A, you are not in the place you expected to be on that particular day.  You really do want to follow through but the whining sets in......WHY!!, on some of the days you should you just don't,  the follow through can be such a bitch.  Put the doona over my head, it's not working for me....it's the toddler coming out, or is that the inner child?  I could stop and leave the follow through. It feels like a thief stealing my options.

Part B, the restart is about your kit of strengths, your list of abilities, the memories of past glory.  I can do this, I can keep going, I am awesome! A reminder that you are an avid seeker and collector of Inspiration, how learning is fun and it is a thrill to be challenged and have the opportunities.
Of course, naturally ....  I am deliberate and careful of the choice I make, the habits to master, the thoughts I cultivate all with the purpose of doing better, being better. I am fully equipped for the next action step towards my goal.  

Part C of the follow through lesson...simple really....be kind to yourself and oh, here's a nudge, just get moving.
Call your coach, call your accountability buddy, do the exercise, catch up on sleep...whatever it takes to get you back on task.

Parts A to C  are real feelings we all have and a process we get better at, we acknowledge it happens and know what to do next.

& the 2 essentials hidden in plain sight, well .....

Follow through requires two things, one is responsibility and the other is accountability.

Part A helps to let out all the bad energy, the doubts and "what if's" that are hanging around you

 You acknowledge there is a problem and take responsibility

Part B is necessary to take stock of all that is good and possible and you are more than ready

You strengthen your determination, you take stock of how far you have come and what it will take to get there.

Part C is making sure you see self care as your fundamental right.

You take action, first for yourself and then action what is required.