Secrets of a Problem Solver

Problems come to us everyday, the simple and not so simple.

How we solve these problems shows the character and leadership of how we choose 
to run our lives. 
As you unlock your best future you want to master problem solving.  
Here are 11 not-so-secret traits of the problem solver
Your checklist reminder of what to do when you face a problem.
(Also Infographic at the end) 

1. Don't jump to conclusions and assumptions
The method you used for a problem in the past, may not work for this one. Ready to solve, then start with an open heart and an open mind.

2. Aware of your perception of the problem
Perceptions can cloud your judgement. What you think,what you believe, what you have experienced influences your decision making. Be mindful your perception is not 100% reliable.

3.  Solving vs Winning
Action is only based on achieving an outcome. More problems are created when there is comparing and competing and the need to always be right.

4.  Work out the core problem
Ask the 5 WHY questions to look for the core problem.  A problem solver is always ready for the reality check. An aide to opening perceptions.

5.  Use all your senses
Like any good detective you gather all your information. You do this best by using all your senses. Your acute observation skills improves clarity of the situation.

 6. Curiosity to explore options
Your thinking, attitude and emotions is set on anything is possible. There is tenacity and curiosity to create new solutions.

7. Know the worst case scenario
Once you know the worst case scenario you can plan, prepare, prove and deliver. Courage comes forward to see this problem through to the best outcome.

8. Know your skills and limitations
As part of a community you know help is asked for and given. There is confidence in your abilities and humility to acknowledge your limitations.

9. Use both logic and intuition
Both work well together. Don't rush into any answer. Use the tools for problem solving to flesh out all suggestions and be guided by your intuition.

10. Positive Outlook
Look at what is working well now. There is always two sides. There is always something to learn from the problem.

11. Creativity
A key attribute for the problem solver. Willing to explore the new and imaginative. Ready to stand by your ideas.

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