When I hold on tight I lose my grip

We know that it is your intentions that will plunge you into creating your next big step and lead you to your vision, the goals and the planning to unlock your best future.

It is also where you can come unstuck and rather than focus on the intention we try to correct our motivation or how we set up our goals or any number of reasons except at the source.

Your intention comes from a place of knowing it is already here.  You are so sure it is so, there is no gap in your knowing for limiting beliefs or dwell on worry and fear to take you away from what you expect to be.

How do you get there?  

How do you create your intention with knowing 
it is already there before you have even started?

When I hold on tight
I lose my grip

When I wish for better
I see only what I lack

When I worry about what I am attracting
I miss the obvious

When I look to others to tell me my future
I forget who I am

Wishful thinking is child's play
I am blinded to see things as they truly are


When I step up and accept what is now
I am free

When I listen inside
I know the power that a thought can hold

When I create my intention with knowing it is already here
I understand seeing is believing and believing is seeing

That is when I am totally entwined with the reality of my intentions.
Certainty fuels my confidence.

It is the tough questions that will help you to reveal your honest thoughts and feelings about your situation.  When you are ready to listen, your answers lead you to strengthen your soul and create your best intention for you now.  Because.... that is what it is all about... creating your best life and creating your life in a way that honours you and is kindly accepting of you.

Here goes...Top 5 Tough Questions 

1. Do you deserve this intention you have created?
2. You know there are strengths and weaknesses in your mind and life, but will you do it anyway?
3. Are you worthy?
4. Are you so excited about it, that you are shielded from another's opinion?
5. Do you have a rightful expectation that you are intuitively guided in your actions?

On any of the questions, did you have a "no", a "maybe",  a "not sure"? 
One more question then....Do you still want to continue?

If yes, then the intention you have created will gather momentum and draw you into knowing it is already there.

How do small actions help?

I once lived in a small boarding house, it was only for a short period of time and I remember every morning , very early every morning I would be woken by the cries and shrieks of the three small children next door.   Mum yelling back at the children and sounding totally exasperated by the morning routine and the struggle with forcing her children to get dressed, eat breakfast and off to school.  Every morning this would be their routine. Every day starting with chaos. It must have been so tiring for everyone. There was no change in how each day started I even came to accept and expect it.
 It wasn't until I had three small children of my own that I began to relate to how your morning can start with chaos.
It was not something I wanted to happen in my home, I want to start the day with ease and preparation for the day's activities.


there it is!

One small action - you know there is better and you want a piece of that.  One small decision that can make a big difference.

When you know what you want, the next small action you want is how you will make it happen.

No big grand plans or talking about doing it, just one small action for change to how you want it to be.

What would it be like to have your morning routine full of ease, calm and readiness?
The benefits of sanity, peace, respect, remembering the details and lowering the stress in your home.
One small action can do all this.

One small action feeds into your habits.
Look at the habits you have created over time that are disrupting your peace.
Add an action that will transform one habit in your morning.

Remember, one small action makes a big difference.

When you first wake, what are your first thoughts?  Can you take one small action to deliberately think of a blessing you have, what a wonderful day it is? Deliberately think a happy positive thought.
Every day your first thought is uplifting.  A small action that moves your thoughts from dread to anticipation.

When you greet your family in the morning, is it with a kiss, a hug, a kindness? One small action today to greet your family with a kiss, a good morning my darling.  You are master of your time, stretch it, even when you are running late, stretch it to include everyday the small action of a loving touch. This one small action can lift the mood and willingness to cooperate.

You will want to create more small actions to start your day with ease and joy. Sometimes you will trip over them in the race to join the race. Pick them up again and know that the gathering of your small actions will turn into habits that transform your life.

Grand gestures, big plans, massive changes do make a big splash, lots of noise and possible disruption for a time. It is possible for a dramatic change to make a difference, but I have found for 100% guaranteed that the change I want to see and make stick is doing the small actions, the simple adjustments to daily routine that create the continuing ripple effect and that this effect will impact your life and the lives you touch.

Smashing the Obstacles

With all the self help books and well meaning guides, and all those positive affirming statements you soak in every day, that you would think okay now it is going to get easier.  My life will follow the easy path of peace and strength.  Then along comes something that just tests all your resolve and resilience.  It kicks you hard and you are searching for strength.

How do you handle life when there is uncertainty and obstacles in your way?

Right now, this is where I am at....and it is totally shitty!

I trust I did all that I could do..Yes I followed my intuition....tick
yes, I did the planning, did the work...tick
yes, I soaked up the positive law of attraction mantras....tick

Yet, here I am...the obstacles keep coming and I am worn out.

There is a spark of light still flickering inside me.  Like an ember if I gently breathe more life into this spark I can smash these obstacles.  I want to fan that flame inside me.

I am using these tips to help me through this time, I hope it is also of use to you.

1. Soak up the energy that you get from the familiar. It is the everyday routine that keeps you sane.
Stress has a way of keeping you stuck and inert.  I find the routine of my day helps me focus on staying in the moment rather than that quick trip to a future that, and if you let it, your imagination can make it look very scary. It is one of the more difficult things to do, to stay in the moment, yet doing the shopping, making the bed, cleaning the floor...all these jobs you have to do are a blessing when feeling overwhelmed.

2. Do the things that you can control and what you can influence.  Less mind training and more action.  Trust your inner wisdom to do its thing and go on autopilot. Action opens up optimism, ideas and resilience.

3. I find a shower with the water washing over my head is a cleansing for the soul.  Perhaps a few tears are in the wash, as well.  That's ok.  Sometimes, a song will come to me and there I am in the shower singing out loud.  The shower is a great place to exercise all the emotions you are feeling.  Yes a great cathartic experience.

4. Write it all down. Spill out everything that is bothering you, what is happening, why it is happening, how you are feeling....spill it all out. Burn it.  If I keep it bottled in, the obstacles just keep running around in my mind like some vortex to bring me down.  This way, it is out of me, it now has physical form and I can get rid of it.

One day I may look back and know that this difficult time has passed, it is now just a story. Another story to be told that the Universe has my back.  Obstacles, challenges, mountains whatever you want to call them, they do exist and I choose to be a conqueror.  The act of writing this has lifted my spirits and my thinking.  I can affirm All is Well.