When I hold on tight I lose my grip

We know that it is your intentions that will plunge you into creating your next big step and lead you to your vision, the goals and the planning to unlock your best future.

It is also where you can come unstuck and rather than focus on the intention we try to correct our motivation or how we set up our goals or any number of reasons except at the source.

Your intention comes from a place of knowing it is already here.  You are so sure it is so, there is no gap in your knowing for limiting beliefs or dwell on worry and fear to take you away from what you expect to be.

How do you get there?  

How do you create your intention with knowing 
it is already there before you have even started?

When I hold on tight
I lose my grip

When I wish for better
I see only what I lack

When I worry about what I am attracting
I miss the obvious

When I look to others to tell me my future
I forget who I am

Wishful thinking is child's play
I am blinded to see things as they truly are


When I step up and accept what is now
I am free

When I listen inside
I know the power that a thought can hold

When I create my intention with knowing it is already here
I understand seeing is believing and believing is seeing

That is when I am totally entwined with the reality of my intentions.
Certainty fuels my confidence.

It is the tough questions that will help you to reveal your honest thoughts and feelings about your situation.  When you are ready to listen, your answers lead you to strengthen your soul and create your best intention for you now.  Because.... that is what it is all about... creating your best life and creating your life in a way that honours you and is kindly accepting of you.

Here goes...Top 5 Tough Questions 

1. Do you deserve this intention you have created?
2. You know there are strengths and weaknesses in your mind and life, but will you do it anyway?
3. Are you worthy?
4. Are you so excited about it, that you are shielded from another's opinion?
5. Do you have a rightful expectation that you are intuitively guided in your actions?

On any of the questions, did you have a "no", a "maybe",  a "not sure"? 
One more question then....Do you still want to continue?

If yes, then the intention you have created will gather momentum and draw you into knowing it is already there.

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