What Challenges You Motivates You

Our life stories prove that when your back is against the wall this is the time you find out what you are made of.

Do you have the perspective that the challenges are an opportunity for you to push back, motivated to prove it can be done?

Can you view the limitations as a way to show us what we are really capable of and the rush of our survival instinct is necessary as a motivator to choose our path?

It is not that you would wish for hard times. In fact, the opposite would be our wish.
A realistic intention is live your life to the full...  & know that the challenges will come your way.

When you declare your intention and want to carve out your life choices expect to weather the challenges and obstacles.  The challenges come to sharpen your resolve.

You may stumble when you doubt that you have the strength, the skills, the smarts to push through.  Years of conditioning can do that to you.  The tragic thing you could do is accept the worst for you, settle for the little and live the confined experience of the victim.  It is a shrivelled life with fear calling the shots.

Fear will always be there and  I explained in another blog how to view the fear as a tool for your advantage, rather than constricting your life.  Here is a paragraph from that blog to explain.

...I have come to recognise that Fear is my companion and with it, I can be Fearsome.  I know it is with me as a tool to use.  It sharpens my focus and my motivation. There are times when the fear is not real as it does not know the difference between a dangerous situation and when it is something that is just new to me. I understand that fear has a purpose and wants to keep me safe, but I don't let fear drive my life, it can come along for the ride, offer some advice but I will choose whether I pay attention to fear.  It is not going to get in the way of my big life, my dreams and my expression.  

When you are in the middle of tough times, it is very difficult to rise above the situation and glibly say oh, this is my motivation, bring it on.  Everyone has their own unique story and the degree of hardship we are to face and the choice of what to do with it.

Your attitude to view the challenges head on comes with preparation and with practise.

Viktor Frankl would be one of the unique and most told stories of a man who prepared and strengthened his view and mindset of how to live his life in a prisoner of war camp and claim victory.
Chris Gardner's life portrayed in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, who went from homeless to CEO. His motivation was stronger that his circumstances.
J.K.Rowling who persisted and believed anything is possible and realised her dream as an author.

When you want more proof to see your challenges as a fire for your motivation, ask others about their unique stories.  Be curious about the how, what, why of their stories of triumph.  History is full of how others in the community have used the challenges for improvement. You are part of that community.

You prepare by filling your thinking with the knowledge that your inner resolve is getting stronger and stronger and your challenges will be faced as a catalyst to live a big life. Your practise is an expression of the preparation you have put in.

When Desire meets Action

When desire fuels commitment and meets with action you will get your results.

Desire causes you to reshape your thinking and challenge the current view.
Desire strengthens your focus, points you in the right direction.
I can dream about all that I desire in my life.
I can plan and imagine what it will look like.
I can spend my time creating and planning my future.
I can make the promises and design the goals.
I can nurture certainty in what can happen.

These mental upgrades I can do, while sitting on the lounge.

Now Add Commitment to this Desire and Action follows.

Commitment will cause you to add and subtract the daily actions to meet this desire.
Notice your reaction, be aware of the conditioned responses, the pull back and push through.
Expect it will be uncomfortable at first.
Set your priorities, do what matters, make the moves.
That is the change maker for seeing the desire you have for your life become your reality.
Desire requires your commitment to action.
Stay the course and expect the outcome.

Self Leadership Quest

I will start with the given; that you are always in a leadership role when it comes to your life.  You may not want to be a leader of a group but in every way how you live your life you are a leader of one - you. The decisions you make, your connections and community shows how you choose to lead yourself.  Are you satisfied with how you are leading your life?

When you are certain and agree that you first have a leadership responsibility to yourself, you are on a quest to take back your power and determine how you want your life.

Look for these in your quest...

You have everything you need.

It's the no excuse policy and a tough one to hold as a truth because there are so many competing and defeating beliefs that have held your attention.  Leading yourself requires that you know that what you need is there for you...the teacher, the ideas, the courage.  It is a step of trust.

Trust yourself.

Declare that you have the right amount of time.

Everything you need includes time. When you master your time you are trusting your leadership.
No such thing as procrastination or running out of time or losing time.  Procrastination is a marker that signals you have no power over your life.  You develop the capacity to be sure of your intentions, you plan and proceed with grace and calm as a master of your time.

Honour yourself.

Create a detailed plan of how to proceed.

Detailed plans can be such a chore. We may look for more ways to get out of this one rather than just do it.  Decisions have to be based on the research, planning and plotting for them to be the best informed decisions. It needs to be done. Be inventive as to how you put together your detailed plan. Use vision boards, mind mapping, visualisation as ways to create the journey of how you want to proceed.

Know yourself.

Look for inspiration from other leaders.

People who inspire you, who show their leadership no matter what their situation and lead with integrity and strength. These true stories are so delicious and will reward you with their insight.  There will always be one small action or words that will make a difference and expand your thinking.

Expand yourself.  

This is your quest, a leadership of one to create your best future...it is up to you......

The Morning Rituals

Morning ritual....The repeating acts you do when you first wake.  The motions you go through every morning to set up your day.  
It can slide from one extreme to another and it takes a decision to find that balance to act upon rather than react to how I want my morning and my day. It is a constant look at what I can do to fine tune the morning ritual for a better life.

Do you know these typical morning rituals?

Is it the Zombie walk...wake in a fog, shower and then coffee to really wake up.  The day is scattered with energy highs and lows, the mind is on auto, you seek out mind numbing escape and wish that maybe tomorrow will be better.

Perhaps, it is just the opposite with frantic pace to get up, get out and make it happen with a few drinks at the end of the day to cool down and an inevitable knowing that tomorrow will be the same, because that is just how it is.

We all know the morning ritual you have in place sets up your day.  Zombie or frantic is not want we really want, we want better than this.

The deciding factor is when you intentionally create a morning ritual that will lay the groundwork to strengthen your direction and lead you to be healthy, focused and fulfilled.

Start with one small change.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier. You can use an alarm clock, set a timer up in another room, try anything that will work for you to see you wake 15 minutes earlier.  After a while your body will naturally wake up at this new time.

What to do with those added 15 minutes?  Your ideas are the best ideas.  You have planned what to do the night before.  Start with a large glass of water and then you may like to stretch, walk, breathe in deeply the morning fresh air, read, listen to music, write what comes to mind.  Use your 15 minutes to raise your feel good energy.

When you are ready wake up 30 minutes earlier.  Again, you have planned your morning ritual. Add your goals steps, set your intentions for your tasks and how you will see them happen. Meditate to connect and calm. You are seeing your day full of possibilities.

Your 30 minute morning ritual of self care develops to be a part of you, who you are and what you do.  You would not miss it for anything.

You may want to extend the 30 minutes to 60 minutes now.

Pay special attention to your morning ritual, it is the beginning that will reward you and create a better day.

The mental model blocking your happiness

Do you believe that for happiness to be a part of your life there is a bargaining game that you do to manifest happiness?

It can go like this....

you work really hard
you make yourself likeable
you are in the right relationship
you have your dream job
you fit in
you have nice stuff
you plan ahead
you are frugal
you stress to win
you declutter
you sleep more
you sleep less
you eat well
you juggle your day life a champion

you will deserve what you are striving for
you are worth being
you will know your happiness

The if....then model of thinking and believing anchors our worth on how we act and react to the world around us and within us.    It is the cause and effect programming that our upbringing and culture have instilled in us.  Dare I say to even control us.

The practise of this mental model cements the idea that your worth is not tangible until you have proved yourself with effort, hard work and striving.   Then happiness will follow.

When you stick to this belief, no matter how far you go, or how well you do there will always be the need to look for other ways to prove the if...then model for your life.

It can be a recurring cycle that keeps you just out of reach of that elusive happiness.

When you think if...then you are conditioned for surviving, scarcity - a definite block to happiness as part of your life.  Happiness, contentment, worth doesn't thrive in the if...then model.

There is one strong way to break this mental model and that is the the power of gratitude.

There is immense power in gratitude, gratitude is like a magnet that attracts for your highest good.  Gratitude raises your energy and centres you in the present.

Swap the if...then with I am thankful for who I am and where I am. Allow your life force to accept and expect.
Happiness will bubble up naturally.