What Challenges You Motivates You

Our life stories prove that when your back is against the wall this is the time you find out what you are made of.

Do you have the perspective that the challenges are an opportunity for you to push back, motivated to prove it can be done?

Can you view the limitations as a way to show us what we are really capable of and the rush of our survival instinct is necessary as a motivator to choose our path?

It is not that you would wish for hard times. In fact, the opposite would be our wish.
A realistic intention is live your life to the full...  & know that the challenges will come your way.

When you declare your intention and want to carve out your life choices expect to weather the challenges and obstacles.  The challenges come to sharpen your resolve.

You may stumble when you doubt that you have the strength, the skills, the smarts to push through.  Years of conditioning can do that to you.  The tragic thing you could do is accept the worst for you, settle for the little and live the confined experience of the victim.  It is a shrivelled life with fear calling the shots.

Fear will always be there and  I explained in another blog how to view the fear as a tool for your advantage, rather than constricting your life.  Here is a paragraph from that blog to explain.

...I have come to recognise that Fear is my companion and with it, I can be Fearsome.  I know it is with me as a tool to use.  It sharpens my focus and my motivation. There are times when the fear is not real as it does not know the difference between a dangerous situation and when it is something that is just new to me. I understand that fear has a purpose and wants to keep me safe, but I don't let fear drive my life, it can come along for the ride, offer some advice but I will choose whether I pay attention to fear.  It is not going to get in the way of my big life, my dreams and my expression.  

When you are in the middle of tough times, it is very difficult to rise above the situation and glibly say oh, this is my motivation, bring it on.  Everyone has their own unique story and the degree of hardship we are to face and the choice of what to do with it.

Your attitude to view the challenges head on comes with preparation and with practise.

Viktor Frankl would be one of the unique and most told stories of a man who prepared and strengthened his view and mindset of how to live his life in a prisoner of war camp and claim victory.
Chris Gardner's life portrayed in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, who went from homeless to CEO. His motivation was stronger that his circumstances.
J.K.Rowling who persisted and believed anything is possible and realised her dream as an author.

When you want more proof to see your challenges as a fire for your motivation, ask others about their unique stories.  Be curious about the how, what, why of their stories of triumph.  History is full of how others in the community have used the challenges for improvement. You are part of that community.

You prepare by filling your thinking with the knowledge that your inner resolve is getting stronger and stronger and your challenges will be faced as a catalyst to live a big life. Your practise is an expression of the preparation you have put in.

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