When Desire meets Action

When desire fuels commitment and meets with action you will get your results.

Desire causes you to reshape your thinking and challenge the current view.
Desire strengthens your focus, points you in the right direction.
I can dream about all that I desire in my life.
I can plan and imagine what it will look like.
I can spend my time creating and planning my future.
I can make the promises and design the goals.
I can nurture certainty in what can happen.

These mental upgrades I can do, while sitting on the lounge.

Now Add Commitment to this Desire and Action follows.

Commitment will cause you to add and subtract the daily actions to meet this desire.
Notice your reaction, be aware of the conditioned responses, the pull back and push through.
Expect it will be uncomfortable at first.
Set your priorities, do what matters, make the moves.
That is the change maker for seeing the desire you have for your life become your reality.
Desire requires your commitment to action.
Stay the course and expect the outcome.

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