Self Leadership Quest

I will start with the given; that you are always in a leadership role when it comes to your life.  You may not want to be a leader of a group but in every way how you live your life you are a leader of one - you. The decisions you make, your connections and community shows how you choose to lead yourself.  Are you satisfied with how you are leading your life?

When you are certain and agree that you first have a leadership responsibility to yourself, you are on a quest to take back your power and determine how you want your life.

Look for these in your quest...

You have everything you need.

It's the no excuse policy and a tough one to hold as a truth because there are so many competing and defeating beliefs that have held your attention.  Leading yourself requires that you know that what you need is there for you...the teacher, the ideas, the courage.  It is a step of trust.

Trust yourself.

Declare that you have the right amount of time.

Everything you need includes time. When you master your time you are trusting your leadership.
No such thing as procrastination or running out of time or losing time.  Procrastination is a marker that signals you have no power over your life.  You develop the capacity to be sure of your intentions, you plan and proceed with grace and calm as a master of your time.

Honour yourself.

Create a detailed plan of how to proceed.

Detailed plans can be such a chore. We may look for more ways to get out of this one rather than just do it.  Decisions have to be based on the research, planning and plotting for them to be the best informed decisions. It needs to be done. Be inventive as to how you put together your detailed plan. Use vision boards, mind mapping, visualisation as ways to create the journey of how you want to proceed.

Know yourself.

Look for inspiration from other leaders.

People who inspire you, who show their leadership no matter what their situation and lead with integrity and strength. These true stories are so delicious and will reward you with their insight.  There will always be one small action or words that will make a difference and expand your thinking.

Expand yourself.  

This is your quest, a leadership of one to create your best is up to you......

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