The Morning Rituals

Morning ritual....The repeating acts you do when you first wake.  The motions you go through every morning to set up your day.  
It can slide from one extreme to another and it takes a decision to find that balance to act upon rather than react to how I want my morning and my day. It is a constant look at what I can do to fine tune the morning ritual for a better life.

Do you know these typical morning rituals?

Is it the Zombie walk...wake in a fog, shower and then coffee to really wake up.  The day is scattered with energy highs and lows, the mind is on auto, you seek out mind numbing escape and wish that maybe tomorrow will be better.

Perhaps, it is just the opposite with frantic pace to get up, get out and make it happen with a few drinks at the end of the day to cool down and an inevitable knowing that tomorrow will be the same, because that is just how it is.

We all know the morning ritual you have in place sets up your day.  Zombie or frantic is not want we really want, we want better than this.

The deciding factor is when you intentionally create a morning ritual that will lay the groundwork to strengthen your direction and lead you to be healthy, focused and fulfilled.

Start with one small change.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier. You can use an alarm clock, set a timer up in another room, try anything that will work for you to see you wake 15 minutes earlier.  After a while your body will naturally wake up at this new time.

What to do with those added 15 minutes?  Your ideas are the best ideas.  You have planned what to do the night before.  Start with a large glass of water and then you may like to stretch, walk, breathe in deeply the morning fresh air, read, listen to music, write what comes to mind.  Use your 15 minutes to raise your feel good energy.

When you are ready wake up 30 minutes earlier.  Again, you have planned your morning ritual. Add your goals steps, set your intentions for your tasks and how you will see them happen. Meditate to connect and calm. You are seeing your day full of possibilities.

Your 30 minute morning ritual of self care develops to be a part of you, who you are and what you do.  You would not miss it for anything.

You may want to extend the 30 minutes to 60 minutes now.

Pay special attention to your morning ritual, it is the beginning that will reward you and create a better day.

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