Making friends with the RAS

Let's hear it for RAS!  

What a wonderful part of the brain and it is your perfect tool to create your best future.

RAS is Reticular Activating System and it works as a filter for all the data that is around us, and the RAS will focus on what is important to us.  It helps the senses from being overloaded with all the information that comes our way every millisecond of the day. 

For survival's sake the RAS is very important, it responds to your name, anything that threatens your survival and quick with information that you need immediately. 

There is more....

The RAS has an important role in other functions, like sleep and waking, your behavioural motivation, breathing and the beating of your heart. 

It is your radar detector, your focus finder.

So, give your RAS something important to focus on, like what you want for your future, to be clear on your goals and what you want in your life.

Here is a simple example and one you would have experienced too. When I wanted to buy a car, I had one in mind that I wanted to buy.   Up until then I never knew there were so many of the particular car I liked on the roads!  The thing is they were there all the time, it was just that I was now paying attention.  My RAS  was doing it's function and filtering what was then important to me.

 Now you know about the RAS, you know that it can be very helpful  to creating your best future.

Here are 2 ways to "make friends" with your RAS 

Emotive Affirmations 
Remember your self talk can either work for or against you.
Your RAS will give you your proof and strengthen your belief.  

The affirmations you tell yourself everyday are what your RAS will filter for you, provide you the proof and strengthen your belief.

Is your affirmation " I will never lose weight?'  Guess what?  You never do.
Is your affirmation " I am good with money?"  Guess what? You are.

Make your affirmations count and let your RAS give you the proof to strengthen the positive belief you have about yourself and others.

Setting Goals
Be clear and specific with your goals.  This allows your RAS to set the right filters. Even when you are not really thinking about your goals, your brain knows that they are important and will make note of anything that might relate to them. 

When it comes to goals, I like to start out with visualisation and feeling boards , get my images, my thoughts and my feelings out, explore what it is I want to achieve , what is important and get this down on paper .  Then I move to define and detail my goals and my actions. With all the noise and stimulus that is around us every day you have given your Reticular Activating System, very valuable information to filter what is important to you.   


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