3 Ways to keep to your Purpose

The pep talk just doesn't stick when you are this close to giving up. 
You are tired, the money is running out and you are not seeing the fruit of all your affirmations, good work and ambitions.  
You have come so far, you look back at what you have done and the achievements are sporadic and fleeting. You want to be rock solid, you want to live your dream, taste the bliss, feel the bubbling energy. 
You keep trying, you pull back, you push forward and it is such zigzag trip. 
Tired, tired, tired and this close to giving up.

BUT, you won't give up
#stay rock solid

You are living on the edge moving to a new dimension in your purpose and you have a vision for how you want to live.

Keep your eye on the prize....check into your power.....find the joy

"Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world changes in an instant" 
Tony Robbins

1. Keep your vision in your line of sight

Keep it close and when you are this close to giving up, take the time to appreciate where you are right now and appreciate the wonderful vision that you have in your sight.  It's all about being so wonderfully thankful for how far you have come.

2. Let Go of small thoughts about yourself

Check into your power, stop looking at the reasons why it isn't happening. Stop the analysing and the false pressure. Refuse to make judgements and let go and see your genius.  When the small thoughts come, hold them up to the light and let them go, they are not worth your time.

3. Enjoy and Celebrate

Stir up your energy.  There are many things we do not understand, the ride will sometimes be easy and sometimes hard, it is all yours to find the joy. When you are so close to giving up, remember your burning desire and how you could not turn your back on that. 
Agitation and anxiety close down the possibilities, and when you are feeling calm and confident, possibilities and ideas come more easily providing a pathway for wisdom. 

#your success helps many people; your failure helps no-one.

Amazing people don't just happen; Amazing people don't give up; Amazing people push through the limits.

If you are this close to giving up...surprise yourself and be amazing.

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