Practise expecting the best from yourself

We do not see things the way they are; 
we see things the way We are.

I did learn this in Basic Communications and all about being aware of the filters you have for sending and receiving messages and how you put your spin on what you have seen or heard. I need reminding. 

We know enough about brain function now to know that when we fixate on the negative, or we believe that we are limited in what we can achieve that we lose sight of our resourcefulness, we become constricted in our view and interpret from a place of worry, anxiety and it is a lonely place. The negative view messes with how we communicate and how we interpret our view of the world.
To improve how you see things in life increase the number of positives you see in your life. 

Positives start to multiply, the more good you look for, the more you will find and it just keeps increasing.

To increase that positive view and build your communication strength, here a few reminders.

Pay attention to what you think and what you say 
  • It is a matter of choice, so choose to move to a grateful, positive frame of mind   
  • Look for what you appreciate, what you admire
  • Make it a practise and turn it into your natural state 
This is not always easy, you can fall back and need reminding to increase those positives, especially if you are really angry or frustrated.  If you have been struggling with a person or a situation it can be difficult to take your attention away from what you don’t like.  Difficult but it still can be done.  Practise expecting the best from yourself, from your situation and from others.

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