Are you surviving or thriving?

You can choose.  Which would you prefer?

Surviving or Thriving

What would be the signs in your life to know if you are surviving or thriving?

Let's look at Health, Relationships and Money because they are the 3 big ones in our life that can show us the signs of surviving or thriving.

Signs of Surviving
Signs of Thriving
There are parts of your body you want to get rid of or don’t like. You feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You get sick a lot and suffer a lot from colds and infections. 
You accept and love your body. You feel strong and healthy and want to nourish and care for your body to be at its best.
You are feeling of no value to anyone. There is no direction in your life. You don’t like your work and you dread waking up to Monday or in fact any day.
You feel good about yourself and enjoy the company of others. There is love given and received with family and friends. When you look in the mirror you love who you see.
You struggle to budget and feel you never have enough money. There is guilt and excuses when you spend or take a holiday. Money runs your life.
You always have more than enough money and are confident in your ability to save and invest. 
You look more at what you don’t have than what you do have. You compare yourself to others and come away feeling inadequate. 
Everyday you feel good about your life.  You welcome feedback and compliments. When challenges come you see them as opportunities and are confident you will succeed.

If you are leaning towards the surviving side on one or all three of health, relationships and money
you want to change
you want to create something better
and you want to thrive.

It is happening already....You are heading into thriving!

In my next few posts I will stay 
on this track of thriving 
in your life and discover what it takes to see the shift.  

 Unlock your best future
My words are centred in the desire and intention to help people bring about their best and connect to their best future.

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