I am not the centre of the Universe

What follows is inspired by Paul Coelho's words...

There is a challenge before you to change how you see the world.

When your perception changes from limitations to a perception of abundance you figure out that you are not the centre of the Universe, that you are a part of its rhythm.

When you pay attention to what is going on, it all starts to make sense.

Be conscious of living in the moment, soak up some natural beauty and treasure everything, see it as a gift.

What if these words taunt you right now as there are feelings of sadness or grief or confusion or poverty. You could be scorning the Universe for the situation you are now in and can barely keep it sane.  How can you treasure everything and see it as a gift?  When your every thing is falling around you.

If sadness surrounds you and all you can see is sadness and all you are offered is sadness.  What do you do?

Start with this...

Breathe in the attitude of acceptance and accept that this time will pass. It is a part of our life and know that it will run its course. When you continue to resist, it will persist.

This is the challenge you are called to take up.

Attach yourself to the belief that when you want something the whole universe will conspire to let you have it. This is your space and you are a part of its rhythm, its essence.

Take every moment you can to nurture this belief and be alert to the wonders that happen each day.
It is the small wins, the everyday thank you for who you are in this moment that will build your belief that you are an integral part of the rhythm of the Universe.

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