Are you paying attention to the Law of Attraction?

There is so much advice out there on The Law of Attraction (LoA).  Are you paying attention?

LoA  ...along with other universal laws, explains that our thinking, our beliefs, our imagination, our intention has the ability to shape our environment and direct the purpose to create our best life.

Tread through the many interpretations of the LoA , be diligent in your knowledge because for some, the LoA has been skewed to be a wish list of wants with little or no attention given to what you really believe to be true.  It is an inside out world and the LoA demonstrates the magnetism of your behaviours.

Your perception of how you see yourself, how you view the world, began with the thoughts you allow to control your life.   You think, feel, then exude and attract what you first have created in your thoughts.  It is a continued strengthening of the mental rehearsal of the emotions followed naturally by your behaviours you choose to express in your life.  These thoughts create the path to behaviours and whether it is a negative or positive intention it will generate its own power and is drawn from you and to you.

 "You attain that which you are - not simply what you want" Dr. W Dyer.

To make the most of the Law of Attraction for your life......Practise filling your mind with thoughts and honest intentions that you wholeheartedly fully intend and know with certainty will come to you, for you and through you.

Create the daily habit to be mindful of your worth and keep reaching for the thoughts that make you feel good.  Strengthen your mental rehearsal to attract the best in your life by building the momentum of strong positive finishes to your personal statement of "I Am....."

Time will show you that you have left behind the thoughts that do not work in your favour.

The LoA will draw more good thoughts to you.   You will choose more of what serves you and shows the best of humanity.  Be curious and learn from trusted sources how the Universal Laws work and why these laws impact your life.

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