2 Goal Setting Myths

At one time goals would scare me, what if I set them and then nothing happens, it is just going to add to my "gonna-do" pile.

You know the one, I am going to do this, I am going to get fit, I am going to read a book a week.

The "gonna-do" pile grows and is a good companion for the "if only" pile.

Goals are not meant to pull you down, the purpose is to strengthen your thinking and to assist you to live by choice.

Let's bust the myths, that by setting goals you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Myth #1 Goals are complicated to make and keep. 

Do you believe goals are for people who are determined, motivated, passionate, know what they want from life? Well, yes they are and when you set a goal you are on that path. When you take a clear position and have a vivid image of what you are after, you are pulled in to making it happen.

Your goal can start with a heart's desire. You are saying YES to yourself.  You have made a decision.

Keep to the simple and add form and detail around what it will look like when you achieve this goal.

#Simple will always trump complicated

 Myth #2  Goals add stress to your life

Have you been setting goals and get distracted from reaching them?  Do you think what is the point of setting goals, they don't work for you?  Setting goals just stresses you out.  Striving, pushing, worrying are some of the most wasteful activities that just keep you running on the spot. If you are using them to achieve your goals, then yes stress will show up.  Stress is when you worry about what has happened, what is going to happen or what might happen and letting your thoughts get the better of you.

#What you want? Why you want it? Clarity is critical.

If you haven't already, become very familiar with the triggers in your life that lead you to unhealthy stress.  When you put together your goals, consider those triggers and how to reduce their impact on you.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten".

Trust your intuition and use your enthusiasm, create a "no matter what" attitude, they are great indicators that the goal you have designed is your best fit.

The journey to your goals will have a big impact on you, more so than the goal itself.

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