the challenge of uncertainty

Have you been in a place where you don't have a clue what you want to do, or what you are meant to do?

The feeling of uncertainty can come at anytime in your life, it is not exclusive to the young or to the old.  For the first time job seeker, the career or job change or really at any time, the persistent call will present itself to you that says I want more out of life.

The questions are popping into your head about what you are supposed to be doing?
The question keeps repeating...What is my purpose?  Others look like they have it together, yet I am not so certain.

Instead of getting uptight and anxious, see this confusion and uncomfortable feeling as a time to pay attention and realign to your personal unique WHY for your life. Its a tap on your shoulder to remind you that you are rich in every area of your life and you walk to your own distinct beat in life.

It's time to pay attention, to slow down and listen.

There is a lot of noise out there, so this may be difficult to start or to even find a place in your life where you can be alone and slow down. Don't see this as a luxury but this is the most important step for you to be clear on what is important for you and why it is important.

You can get caught up in a lot of old beliefs here, so if you are not being kind to yourself then those thoughts need to be thrown out.  Clearing out the closet clutter is a good feeling for me and the same goes with clearing out thoughts clanging around my head that are of no use to me.

Seek out people, places and learning to widen your view.

When you are feeling stuck and it is like hitting a brick wall, then its always a good time to widen your circle of friends and colleagues, to learn something new and more about what you already know.  When you broaden your view, your possibilities always expand.

What helps is to go to your favourite place, it maybe a mountain, a lake, a desert, walking barefoot on the grass, the place where you feel most like yourself - a place of joy. My favourite place is the beach, even better when the waves are wild. I love the energy and breathing in the salt air really wakes up my senses.

Purpose and plan, starts with intention

Intention is not a wish list or "if only" or "what if" statements.  Intention is a stated positive and present statement.  Here is a few...I have the confidence to believe in myself and make good choices.  I make the best decisions possible. I intend to expand my life to the best it can be.
I have found that when I am at a crossroads in my life and I am challenged with the questions of purpose that when I set my intention, I see things differently and allow my thoughts to build and the answer or direction will come to me.

These are just 3 humble ways to move your thoughts from indecision and doubt to thoughts of confidence and direction. You are in control of your life, you are in control of your choices and the first step is to be willing to give yourself the best life.

 Unlock your best future
My words are centred in the desire and intention to help people bring about their best and connect to their best future.

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