Are You Feeling Stuck?

Signs of Stuck

What is it like to feel stuck? 
Every day seems the same, you don't see a way forward.
 A hopeless and helpless feeling grabs and takes hold of you. 
The stuck feeling can develop when you are in a rut.
It can be the habit that doesn't serve you, but tough to stop, 
or relationships that drain you.  
When you are stuck, your energy levels are way down. 
Sometimes, you don't know you are there until you are in crisis.

Stuck shows up your limiting beliefs.
You can burn one limiting belief at a time.

How to bust the stuck feeling

The moment you know you are feeling stuck you will see a keyhole of imagination and optimism open.

You have recognised that you are not up to speed with how you want your life to be and you are bothered by it.   The feeling may still be around you, circumstances don't always change immediately. The difference is you know you want it to change.

This is a great first step, because we know change in our circumstances can be activated by you in two ways:  by way of crisis or pain or awareness and insight.  The stuck feeling can be painful, and it can also be a motivator for change.  Remember, the old saying....necessity is the mother of invention!

Awareness creates choice.
You make the choice to see your situation as too much, too hard and now stuck.
You also make the choice to appreciate and to look at things in a different light and see opportunity.

Ask yourself lots of questions

When you are feeling stuck and not sure of which way to go, start with asking questions, any questions.   Questions propel you forward.  what do I do next? how do I make this better? What do I believe is best for me? Questions create more questions and lead to solutions.  You may not know right now what you want to do. That is all ok.  You are just starting out to get unstuck.  Each question, each step will move you farther away from feeling stuck.

A lesson from the dying

Time to get tough on yourself and take responsibility for your situation.  You are feeling stuck and you can pull yourself out.  Regrets and pulling yourself down are a waste of your life time.
Dr Wayne Dyer penned the book " Top 5 Regrets of the Dying" and the stand out was "I wish I had the courage that I lived the life I was destined to do".  To break the cycle of feeling stuck, push past the crowd of limiting beliefs and tell yourself you want better. Tell yourself you expect better.  Remember what you want to be.

Take back your mojo!  

Feeling stuck is a sure sign you lost your mojo or you gave away your mojo, your most priceless possession.  Recognise it is time to take back what is rightfully yours. Mojo sums up all things unique about you, it is your sense of place in life, your worth, your value, your uniqueness, your identity.

KungFu Panda says it best....

"I blind people with the light of my awesomeness" KungFu Panda

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