Attention Seeking

You live in a universe of attraction, not in a universe of exclusion.
Give your attention to it, and that will be the result of your experience.
Embrace the contrast, the good and not so good,  that is in your life.

Be more friendly about the components of your environment.
Even though they are not the way you want them.

Ease up
Be more friendly to yourself, more easy with yourself, more aware. 
Approach your life acknowledging that it is all good and among the good there is that which you prefer.  
If I make peace with the fact that where I am standing is the place not yet where I want to be, yet,
I know the place I want to be is stretched out before me. 
Make peace with what is and what is will begin showing you.

The only thing that is necessary for me is to
continue to define what I want and believe what I want can be. 
I know for sure there will be never ending evidence of getting to where I want.

You can make a better place by your standards.
You can add to this world in a very positive way but it is your concern about things that are not going well that keep you from doing that.

Never stop reaching for more, reaching for more on purpose.

Everything is always working out for me

Things are always working out for me

Apply my attention to things that are working out for me.
Define what things to be working out for me
What is the evidence.
What rings my bell.

Looking for things that we want to see
 Make lists

Never stop reaching for more, reaching for more on purpose.

Everything is always working out for me

Things are always working out for me

Define - Make Lists

  •    There is a confidence about me, and the confidence guides me to where I am to go.
  •    My timing is right for me and I am riding on momentum.
  •    I know the Universal forces are working with me
  •    A full sense of who I am.
  •    Look into this world and appreciate all that has been before that has led to what is right now.
  •    I would like to live in a constant state of appreciation.
  •    I am an uplifter, anyone who comes into contact with me, to feel better after contact with me.  
  •    Trust in the law of attraction and trust the information it gives to me.
  •    I want to be all that I was born to be.
  •    I want to have fun.
  •    I want to have clarity.
  •    I want to wake up eager for the day.
  •    I want to sleep well.
  •    I want to eat well.
  •    I want others to eat well.
  •    I want all children to go to bed with a full belly.
  •    I want children to know their value. 
  •    I want opportunities to help them know it.
  •    I am a catalyst to others to feel good.
  •    Consistently in my own joy.
  •    I would like to control my good and not so good times better.
  •    It is better to see the problem come in the form of a question to seek an answer.
  •    I am going to take good care of me.
  •   I am going to do my best to feel good more of the time.
  •    My intention is to keep my promise to myself more of the time.

These words are from the Abraham-Hicks Meditation Video, and the wisdom in these words lit a fire in me.  I am excited to share these words with you here.  There are many kind and wise people in our world who are more than willing to guide us on our journey. Look out for them and be open, in turn, to be the guide for others.

Unlock your best future
My words are centred in the desire and intention to help people bring about their best and connect to their best future.

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