Having trouble with goals? The key is in your habits.

There is one only, 
The most important, 
The most essential to do, when you want that goal,  
When you want to change up your life. 
Look at your habits. 
Create the habits in your life for goal results.

If I was a list person and wrote down every habit that I have, or that I know I have... (there could be every chance there are some hidden ones there, that get past me unnoticed)....so, if I made a list, then what are they telling me about the wonderful, exciting goals I plan for my life?

For all I know, I could be working against myself!

Your life is really about the sum of your habits, the daily routine that is in place.
Your level of fitness is a result of your habits.
How you care for yourself and others is a result of your habits.
When there is trouble sticking to the goal and seeing it through, it is due to your habits.
Habits have the impact to make or break that big audacious goal.
Your goals have a better chance of happening when you integrate them with habits.

You hear the good news stories of wonderful transformations, and miraculous weight loss. The people who against all the odds become marathon winners, or the "overnight" success in business.  The background, the tenacity behind these transformations seems to be the overlooked part in the result.   The every day, get up, take the steps, dismantle and create the habits that you know will take you to your good news story.  The value add is that the habits that have helped you achieve the goal will consistently raise your standard in other areas of your life.

Want habits that stick?

  • Start small and  when the action becomes natural to you, tweak it up to the next level.
Example: I pick the new habit of eating healthy. That is a big change and I most probably would do it for a few days and go back to the way it was.  When I start with the small action of a healthy breakfast, then this I know I can do.   It is important to me to be kind to my body. When I have the habit of a healthy breakfast, I can take it to the next level with more healthy food in the pantry. I will want to build on that small habit and look for healthy choices when eating out.  Small steps, small changes to my behaviour help to make the new habit stick. 
  • Attach the new habit to something you already do or to a time in the day.
Example: When you factor in a reminder into your routine, the habit has a higher success rate of sticking. Mealtimes are a good place to start, so the healthy breakfast is tagged for me to do everyday.
Use what is already in your life...want a strong core, but you sit a lot?  Tag some sit ups or leg lifts to TV commercials, or when you go to the bathroom. Make it so easy for you to do. Make it fun. Make it so you can't resist doing it.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate
Example: The habit sticks better when you focus on the positive of what you are gaining, rather than the negative focus on what you quit, what you lost, what you gave up.   You want to feel good and you want to do things that make you feel good. I value that I have the habit of having a healthy breakfast. Tell yourself how wonderful you are and how pleased you are at having this habit.
  • Evidence is in the Certainty 
Example:  Your new habit is now an inside compulsion, your body is wired to the action. For me, I am the type of person who will always have the healthy food option. I started with the small step of a healthy breakfast, it made me feel good.  I focused on the small wins, scheduled them into my life and now I wouldn't do anything else but make healthy food choices.

When you have goals you want to make happen, factor in the habits that will lead you to the results you want....you will love the journey.

Unlock your best future
My words are centred in the desire and intention to help people bring about their best and connect to their best future.

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