First Aid for Problems

Problems are seen as a negative in our life.
We want  to get rid of the problems and dream of a life without problems.  I would't say I love problems in my life but I know I need to have them. I even create them.
Diamonds and pearls are created because of friction, tension, irritation and pressure. Problems can present the same environment of friction, tension, irritation and pressures. What if you look at the problems as shaping your life, a life as beautiful as diamonds and pearls.

The problem comes because there is the gap between what you have and what you want.
The problem is when you do not like what you have and you want to get away from it.
We all have problems, whether we are in a good place or not, we want to create, get away, progress to something better.

A life without problems is not real.  If you are saying you have no problems, then what are you doing with your life?

How you look at, action, make sense of your problems is the remedy.  It isn't to have a life without problems, it is to have a life where problems provide a catalyst, a learning curve, a change in thought. A problem is an opportunity to shape your life.

I don't buy in to the phrase "there are no problems, only solutions" , I am more into the phrase "every problem has a solution".

Hands up, who has had a tough time or lots of tough times?  That would be everyone, 
so you are not alone.

There is not a lot of comfort in that, because your problems are your private nightmare. You want to know what first aid you can do to help you feel better, be stronger and able to manage through these tough times.

Here are first aid tips to keep you on top of the event or situation.

**Safety is your first priority.

To be able to handle any problem, your first priority is your safety and the safety of others. If this is not an issue then you focus on the problem, learning and remedy.

1. Stand Tall.  

Yes, now is the time to think about posture.  This is a first aid benefit to  make sure you are in a good space to see the problem positively. No head bowed or fingers in the ears.  When you stand tall you breathe better, you see into the distance and you are taking the posture of someone who is in control.

2. Clear the thinking.

If you are having thoughts of blame or feeling like the victim, or someone's fault or some one owes you, then your problem is magnified and you won't see a solution.
You will only get short term sympathy.
Get a reality check on what you are thinking.  You want better, you expect better, You are responsible for your solutions. Practise and reinforce your positive emotions.  Look for gratitude and appreciation.  Those positive emotions create a  trickle down effect to improve the clarity of thought. Thinking clearly is a necessity when you are handling a problem.

3. Look at the problem from all sides.

When you look at your problem from other perspectives, you are expanding your understanding of the situation, pulling it apart and putting it back together and usually in a different way.
It is adapting the 4 NLP perceptual positions and applying to your problem. Start with what is your personal view of the problem, then how does it look from another person's perspective. The next position is to stand back and be objective about the problem, and then in the mirror, look at the big picture and how would you react to yourself.  When you look at the problem from all sides, the problem tends to lose its power over you.

Now, you are getting ideas, seeing things differently and solutions are coming. Remember, solutions don't always come in one size fits all or a one application cure.

It would be very rare if you are a problem pioneer. 
Someone else has had a very similar experience. 
It's ok to say you need advice or talk it through with a valued colleague.  
Help is always very near.

4. The future state.

Problems can come with frayed emotions and stress symptoms. Plus, the past can really hobble how you handle your problems. You know the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expect a different result. Take a trip to the future you.

The future is the place you invent and the place you create to see the problem reaching its best solution. You may not have all the detail, but the future you invent is all the feelings of the situation working out well.  This is going to help you focus in the present to choose what serves you and drop what doesn't. It is going to help you create the best solutions for you.

The problem now has developed into the catalyst for learning and a better future.
Diamonds and pearls are not made perfect overnight.

Unlock your best future

My words are centred in the desire and intention to help people bring about their best and connect to their best future.

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