What to do when your goals don't happen.

Have you had goals that you started out with such great enthusiasm?   The stats are out there....the greater majority of people put a lot of planning into their goal, and we like to use the new year to start up goals and yet within the first month it is already a fading memory.

You can count me in that group. I have reached goals, nailed them really well and on the flip side I have set up goals that just fizzed out.  I needed to ask myself why do some of my goals get to the end and others barely make it over the starting line?

What is the difference between a goal that is accomplished and the goal that goes nowhere?

They all start out the same.

🌱Enthusiasm for the goal.....check

🌱 Put together well....check

🌱 Heart in the right place....check

They all start out well, and every one of them has the best chance of getting done.

Like so many others,  I can be creatively amazing for leaving a particular goal behind and find many good reasons or excuses for not paying attention to a goal.

Criticism of your actions or lack of action is not a step in the forward direction, so leave that one alone and pay attention to the difference between what is working for you and what is not to improve your moves to achieve your goal.

Let's look at how you can gain a higher success rate for a goal achieved over a goal that fizzles out.

1. Notice the emotion you attach to what you want in your life.

It always starts out as an inside out job when you are designing the goals you want to achieve in your life.  You really, really want to make this happen. You made the decision to want to have better in your life. It is a deep seated feeling that you have. You are determined. You know that you will make it happen.
 If there is just the slightest whisper in your mind that you don't want to put in the effort, pull back and adjust the goal.  Don't let it go!

2. Dream big and start small.

So many benefits to dreaming big. It all becomes possible in your mind and it is the springboard to move you from imagining to reality.  Your thinking, what you believe to be true and your skills and abilities will need to catch up, so start small.
The small successes will create a big impact on your confidence. It will be the daily actions that will make the big difference for goal success. It is your project and you can break it down to many small steps to make it happen.  Small steps prepare you for giant leaps.

3. Look for habits that will serve you.

When it means so much to you, that everyday your goal is in your thoughts, then you will look for ways to create the habits that lead you towards making it happen. This is not the time to second guess if you should or shouldn't, or if it is too hard to do, your attention is not on the excuses that follow the first thought to take action. Your first thought to make it happen is your best thought. As you practise new ways of doing, they become your new habits.  Just do it.

4. Keep your goal close to you.

Worse thing to do is write your goal, put it in a folder or drawer and out of sight.  It is not meant to be kept safe, it is meant to be seen in big letters, in pictures, on stick it notes, notes on the mirror, anywhere you can be reminded about the why for your goal. When you wake up in the morning, what is important for you to do today that will get you closer?  When you go to bed at night, what dreams will you have about your goal? Keep it close.

Last word -  View success as a side effect.

There is a lot of joy available to you, when you focus more on the journey rather than the feeling that your goals are a job to do, tasks to complete, actions to make happen.  
 Ok, this is the secret sauce!
The purpose of goals is to unlock your best future. You are continually developing your amazing and your goals help to shape how you want to be, what you want to attract in your life and how to give back.  The journey you are on to turn the goals you have designed into reality will mean more to you than the goal itself.  It turns out the goals you are designing and the goal that is achieved is just a side effect of living your best life.  

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