Leap from Vision to Goals

 The new magic of a new year can get you all fired up and excited for what you want.  
To clear that path of putting off and have a certainty that this is the time to make things happen.

It is new year and you are keen to make it happen.

BUT....New can happen anytime, you know you can choose to fix your sight on better on any day in any part of the year.  It is best not to rush into it, or you may pick up someone else's dreams.  This time of year you can get caught up in the hype of resolutions and want to "fix" rather than follow your own beat.

Here is what I do when I want decisions to stick and to take that leap from a thought, a wish, a want, a dream and to set the scene of my vision into solid action goals.

1. Build from your WHYs

There are certain priorities we all have in life, some of those priorities shift in their importance depending on the circumstance.  Our health, our finances, our relationships, the work we do and the big question of what do I want for my future.  How do I design my life that is good for me and for others?

The priorities that come to the front, I ask WHY, 50 WHYs for these priorities.  Not one or two, but 50, stretch my thinking and my emotions and when done try for another 50. The strength rises in the meaning and the worth of what I want and the vision of my story is real.  I love this part and it is a list I love to read again and again.

2. Your WHYs set up your stories

My many WHYs energise the feeling to purposely create the mental images I want to see in my life. Visualising every detail of the future gives it reality and will cultivate that certainty of you know that you know and obstacles will not get in your way.

I have set up the blueprint of my reality because of the vision I have created in my mind and the leap from vision to goals is now packed with a lot of energy and determination.

3. Live and practise your story

It is common practise in many fields of sport and business to include visualisation in preparation for coordinating the next big thing.

Imagine the preparation of a long jumper, who is getting ready to take the large leap. Watch how the jumper walks to the line, deep in thought, looks intently at the path ahead, visualising how their steps, their actions get them ready to take the leap, the mental picture of strong strides, leap and land then jump for joy at their success.  It is "as if" it is already done.

The preparation for the jump started long before the event, each leap requires the tuning of mind, body and spirit.  The preparation is essential and the leap naturally follows.

This is not a one-off story that you are creating.  One time is not a great help when you want to take the big leaps from vision to action. You visit this reality many times, practise your moves, what you are doing, who you are with, what is your world like, many details to help your mind and body know what to do and to be your natural way.

4. Goals are created

Your goals now are not plucked out of the air.  You have mapped it out in your mind, you have already lived it. Your words on paper flow with the actions you have set up.  You have prepared yourself for the leap from vision to goals.

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