Clearing the way

Who else has the overwhelming urge to start new and clean out the stuff you have been holding for some time?

A new year comes and it is what I want to do most of all. The de-clutter bug attaches to you and you somehow know that it is the first thing to do when you want to start a new project, have a fresh start and begin something new.  The act of letting go of what is of no use to you in the physical and in the emotional sense is a real demonstration you are ready for new possibilities.

I have tried a few ways to de-clutter. Random clear outs to the no emotion attached, so it goes system.  I have just completed the 27 items for 9 days, yes 9 days and don't miss a day, otherwise you have to start again.

Every day for 9 consecutive days, I either toss out, give away or sell and it has to be 27 items.  When you do the maths that is a big 243 items.
It is not only the 27 times of cds, magazines, clothes, pots, well anything that was of no use to you anymore, it was the discipline to keep doing it for 9 days.

It went from fun, to serious to challenging, but I did it! Cupboards are cleared and the bonus was as i was putting together the 27 items each day it was also clearing my thoughts.  It has this dual effect while cleaning out the rooms, I was also thinking abut what is best for me and how to expect better. I was feeling thankful and free and enjoying the great buzz you get when you give away items you know will be of use to someone else.
The 27 items for 9 days is a feng shui principle of letting go of old energy for new energy to come into your life.  I found the power was  in the consistency of  9 straight days of letting go and what follows is to trust that something better and more suited to me is coming my way.  I have created space!

When you look at the background of why 27 and why 9 well the number 27 comes up in physiology, astronomy, as well as in myths, legends and religions.  27 is regarded as the premier number and 9 is the point where one cycle ends and another starts. It represents in feng shui fullness and transformation of heaven and earth, the symbol of celestial power & the number 9 never changes, no matter how many times it is multiplied by itself.  If any number is multiplied by 9 the resulting digits always add up to 9.   We have used 9 in the common phrases like a stitch in time saves 9, a cat has 9 lives, cloud 9 is the ultimate happiness.  

& what about the number 27....

  • Human skin cells regrow every 27 days
  • Human hand contains 27 bones
  • The sun rotates on its axis every 27 days
  • The moon orbits the earth every 27 days
  • According to Incan legend there are 27 roads leading to the lost city of El Dorado
  • 27 pieces in a rubiks cube

At some point, you have to let go, let go of the things, the thoughts, the past, the life that no longer is giving you fulfilment.

I loved the challenge of 27 items for 9 days to remove the clutter, to close down what is not working  and create the space to recharge a new beginning.  I will be using this simple feng shui method next time.

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