Seeking Opportunity

Seeking Opportunity 

When you are in a situation that feels so bad and you feel you are in a place where you think there is no way out. The place you have found yourself in has so many limitations and hardships, it is difficult for you to continue, don't give up!  

Seek the one small seed of opportunity, it could be one small crack of possibility. 

Keep looking, it is there.  When you decide to start seeking, you start seeing opportunities.

Remember, the glass half empty or glass half full to describe your level of optimism or pessimism towards life.   Right now, it may look half empty.

The description has been used about seeing your life from the perspective of a glass half full, when you just know there is better, you are the optimist and the flip side of the glass half empty and all you see is what is wrong, the pessimist.  

What if you see the glass as always full? The best perspective for seeking opportunity is to see the glass as always full.  The opportunities are there, some you see and some are unseen.  Yet they are always there, you are the adapter.   
You look at the limitations in your life with a completely different perspective, you see your life as the glass always full.    

When you prepare your intention to create something better for your life and design your goals to determine your path, you don't set out to do it with the attitude of maybe.  The glass half empty pessimist will talk themselves into it is not working, it's not happening, things don't work out for me, something or someone is holding me back. They struggle at the early stage and see quitting as their only option. 

The glass half full, the attitude of the optimist can get you moving and believing and enjoying the ride, but that takes you only so far. Now add the attitude of the glass is always full, the adapter and the limitations and set backs are transformed into opportunities. You step out with the intention that it is done,  trust that what you see and what you are yet to see will deliver.  

Ok, you now see the glass is always full.  Limitations are seen as possibilities - the setbacks as opportunities.  To keep your focus on the opportunities stick with these behaviours - determination, resourcefulness, be adaptable and flexible.

You want to know what these three look like, you can certainly look to people you admire and who reveal these behaviours in their actions. 

For me, the simple lesson is in nature.   

A walk in the forest, and a path near a river or ocean has all the signs to show you what it is to be determined, to be resourceful and to be prepared to adapt and be flexible. 

The quiet times spent outside offer you the best lessons to apply to your life and realise your glass is always full.  

Keep looking it is there. 

When you decide to start seeking you start seeing opportunities.

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