Acts That Shift to Solution Focused

What happens when you are not looking for solutions?... it generally goes like this...your attention is on what is going wrong, all you can see and feel is the chaos you are in and the belief there is no way out.

You feel the anxiety rising, the body reacts and stiffens.
You feel stuck and you are stuck.
The negative chatter fills your head.
Your attention is glued to the problem and your world contracts.
We all have moments like this, the problems get bigger when you invite it to take up residence in your life.  The solutions are there,  just hidden under that dirty pile of woe.

Remember that monster in the cupboard, when as a child you hid under the bedding, and as if by getting smaller you will make it go away.  You believed it to be so real as you watched and waited for the monster to jump out at you.

Just by the small action of flicking the light switch on you can relax, you have found a solution for now, ready to deal with the monster and prove it is not real, it does not have a hold over you.

The one small spark of even the promise of a solution encourages you to lift your eyes and understand you are in charge.   Your energy kindles and you are brave enough to let it go and believe all is ok.

You know as you grow from a child to an adult that there is no monster and the cupboard is empty, yet even though we are all grown up, other monsters can take its place and we can continue to act out those same feelings and beliefs and our perception is that those monsters do exist and those problems will keep holding you back.

You create the stories in your life and if you are not aware of what is happening, then the problems and challenges, the setbacks and situations, anxiety and worry, stress and separation can keep you bound up.

Flick the switch and choose.

Choose to focus on one act that will turn the light on in your life.

One act of determination.

It can start out as a dance with one step forward one to the side even a step back, but there is motion and the movement is getting you closer to see more solutions, show more bravery and confidence.  Determination wins and you know you are and always will be safe. Show your determination by recognising that it is your perception of the situation and your perception can change it for the better.

One act of kindness.

Kindness to yourself and to another and when repeated daily lifts your thinking and stokes the small flame of your belief.

It can surprise you how your own world can change with these acts of kindness and how your view of the world can brighten.  You begin to trust that there is always a solution.  There is always your creative ability to trust that the needed skill, the needed ability, the needed person will be there.  You are experiencing more of the synergy of hope.

One act of thinking,  "what if.."

Anything is possible... Use these words as your mantra, soak in the belief you will discover your best fit solution.  There is a shift in your thinking and you will shine a light on possibilities.

One act of asking for answers

Put on your persistence, keep it with you every moment.  Build your persistence strength through practice.  Trust when you ask, the answers will come to you. Be attentive, create the quiet moments in your life and listen with your hand on your heart to your intuition.  Your ego and the negative chatter will fade into the background. Breathe a sigh of relief.

One act of movement

Your exercise routine and creative niche are important to you to shift your current state.  Problems can be worked out while you occupy your body with cardio, weights, walking, running, yoga, sport, painting, writing...any type of activity that will get you moving, raising your energy and allow the stress to ease.

One act of being practical

It is all in the attitude. When you view the problem as a time of learning, an ally and the problem is really there to show you how to master your life.  Stick with the feeling you are and always will be solution focused. You have the resources and they are there for you when you ask.

It is an inside workout for the shift to solution focused.  

When you know there is no monster and you are re-writing your story and see that by "switching on your light" you are bringing life to your success structure.

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