Looking Back for Healing

I have the privilege of sitting back with time to reflect, my life has slowed down and an opportunity, no necessity to use this space to reflect on the year that is nearly over.   It is not a space you want to spend a lot of time, just enough to look for the highs, the lows, the learnings, the times I can say thank you again and oh, the times when I want to make sure I won't do that again!

Social Media posts give you the reminders of what went on.  I am not after the events but its more about what went on inside me, what really caught my attention and made a difference to who I am.

So, here are the 5 questions for what happened in 2017 and my answers will aid my continual healing and growth.

No 1. What in the year past really touched my heart, what stood out to me that made a difference?

When you have children, one of the greatest aspirations is that they are safe, happy, in love and so much more abundance in their lives.  I know this to be true for mine.  I could say that for every year, but this year it just held more significance for me.  There is pain in those thoughts too, because there is a separation adjustment to be made and like any parent you want them to be independent, yet you want to be their most significant person just like it used to be.  There is a little self-pity in those thoughts, my heart was touched by what is now past. Once I let that go, I am open to create new, perhaps a lot new in 2018.

No. 2. What gave me joy?

Ok, this is a tough one because it is never just one thing, one moment.  I noticed that when I choose joy as my action, then my reactions to whatever happens are cocooned in joy.  2017 was a roller coaster ride, so I just put my hands in the air and ride the ups, the down, the twists and turns.  I picked up on those times when my mind would cloud with doubt and anxiety and shifted the thoughts.  Yes, I took out the "mind garbage" a lot more often!  I am a lot quicker at it now, don't leave it lying around to seriously infect my thoughts.  I know I can fit even more joy in now.

3. What fed my soul?

Taking risks, new places, new people all those new and exciting times that tested my inner strength, beliefs and identity. When pushed I looked for the right book to read, a great course, teachers, inspiration, travel.   Not only the new but I know my soul is fed with the routine of yoga, meditation, tapping, trance, tea in the morning with my gorgeous guy.  There is power in the simple rich routine.

4. What were the challenges and what did I do?

The last half of 2017 was uncomfortable and challenging. Times of grief, worry and anxiety were heavy to carry.  There were times when my focus was more on survival and as I look back on it, I was digging deeper about my limiting beliefs.  What a stretch!   I do feel stronger because though it was tough, I know I live what I believe and I believe I am confident to handle any situation.  I call it weight training for the spirit.

5. How did I make a difference?

I listened more closely to my gut feeling, my inner voice...intuition. When I listened, I would go into action.  It was the daily actions of calling someone, letting them know how great they are, sending appreciation, trusting my decisions, helping a stranger, helping a friend.  Everyday asking for the opportunity to make a difference.  I like that I did this.  I like who I am when I do this.

When you look back over the year that was, look at it as a healing experience and take what is precious to you into 2018.

My wish for you is to Create... Inspire...Expand your life in 2018.

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