The Zen of Ironing and Self Love

It's the funny things you think about when doing the most mundane of jobs.  Ironing is not my favourite sport, it is one I try to avoid. Creases, wrinkles, crumpled clothes a real bad chore for me.

Yes, I have  the wash and wear, comfortable thrown ons, I love them to bits, but when I want to look my finest I need to put the effort in. So, here I was ironing and thinking about why I am doing this, perhaps let someone do it for me.   I had one of those "I see clearly now" moments....perhaps I can use ironing as my zen moment and time to mull over important stuff and checked in, that what I am doing is evidence of my self love and it is important for me to make the effort!

Ok, this is not a how to do your laundry session, but a great analogy about the effort we put into taking care of ourselves and to love who we are...self love. 

We show how much we love ourselves in many ways, one of them is in making the effort.

Keep adding, reminding, celebrating your list of what is your uniqueness, what have you accomplished, what do I love about me.

What does Self Love look like?

Radiant, happy, confident. These are sure external signs there is self love. 

Not the love where you are better than others or bragging about how great you are. It's the love where you want the best for yourself, take in all the sound advice about health, exercise and nutrition and put it into practice.

You are your own best friend, your biggest supporter, the greatest inspiration.

Would you live with a  person who spends their life with someone who is critical, puts themselves down, see their worst only and not their best?  Of course not, but we can so easily turn our back on loving our self.  Beating ourselves up for what we think should be.

Self love is an action.

We accept who we are, strengths, weaknesses, no more sorries or excuse me for being me.

There is compassion and when you self love you look for fulfilment, found in your time, on your terms and in your own way.

The decisions you make for your life come from a knowing sense of purpose and integrity.

Judgement gets out of your way for you and for others.

The bonus is that it rubs off on others.

Carl Jung is quoted as saying that the most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. Let's add to that and say that it is the most amazing, abundant, mind boggling gift you can give yourself is to accept yourself completely.  Everything about you, everything.

It may have seemed strange to others in the house when I shouted out, while ironing...You go, girl!
But that's ok.

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