Why is it so hard to change?

Here is Why.....

1. You cannot make the same choices you made yesterday, so you go back to the way it was
2. Change is not a good fit in the beginning, it is uncomfortable and it is unfamiliar, so you say it is not for you and go back to the way it was
3. Change means there is unlearning and relearning and you struggle, so it is better to stay at the level where you are confident
4. Your habits are in a holding pattern and change will challenge that status
5. The past has more hold on you than the future

By the time you are 35,  95% of your behaviours are memorised - a remembered action.  Your body knows how to do it better than your brain. 

So when you want to make change, want some new habits happening, you want to upgrade your current situation, your body is going to naturally resist.

You are more powerful than you give yourself credit
When you believe change is hard, then it will be hard
When you believe change could have possibilities for you, then you will be more open to what is possible

2 tips on how to make it easier...

1. Practise feeling comfortable in the unknown  

Start with small things, a different way to work, a different place to eat, food you have not tried before, a new skill, many little steps that get you into believing that the unknown is not so hard.  When at work, look at your daily routine and pick one that you can do differently, make it fun, this is your change challenge and your building your change ready fitness.

2. Cultivate the emotions of what the new future will be like

How you feel will have a big impact on your behaviours and your actions. To create the future that you cannot see or experience yet, cultivate the emotional state ahead of the actual experience, your body will believe that it is living the new reality. 
You want to lose weight and your emotions are locked into what you are giving up, turn that around to what you are gaining and how you will feel, the emotions you are having....health will improve, lots of energy and feeling great.  

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