Mind the Gap

When I was in London, one of the many memories was the loud speaker at the train stations and the repeated caution of "Mind the Gap".  

That is the gap between the platform and the train carriage.  It's about watching your step when you get in a carriage....because there is a gap.  

After a while I got used to it and then I heard "Mind the bloody gap".  Did I just hear what I thought I heard? My goodness, that was special and for the rest of my day, I was heard to keep repeating "mind the bloody gap".  

Those four simple, unexpected words made my day.  Something simple, yet out of the ordinary that really tickled me and made me look at things differently.

Now I could say just insert a swear word to turn the ordinary into memorable and ok that can work...for a little while.  

You know, there are so many more unique, creative, out of the box ways of changing it up...

you know, 

  • putting the zing in your everyday, 

  • juicing up the volume of the little routine, or 

  • squeezing out every last drop of every wonderful moment.  

  • be a little crazy or be an even bigger crazy, 

  • laugh out loud, 

  • listen closely, 

  • give out compliments like confetti.

Sometimes you need to pay attention to those little squeaky self doubters in your head, those limiting beliefs that hold you hostage, but heh, you won't be able to hear them for all the wonderful cheering that is coming from your heart. They won't have the space to have your attention 24/7 and pull you back.

Here is what you do to change it up and get you in the space of making your day, your life that something special.....

Remember, keep it simple, have a lot of fun with it.

  • Look for it and grab the Zing in what you see, feel, hear, experience

  • Clear your Throat, time to connect,  because you want to be heard, you want a clear strong voice  

  • Touch someone else's heart with your words of appreciation

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