7 Ways to Hack into your success

7 Ways to hack into your success

The meaning of success is your meaning, what you want it to look like, what you want to have, be and do in your life. Your success is not another's expectations or how much money or toys that you have.  Your success comes from a place of integrity, joy and value.  It is there for you to hack into, when you choose. When you choose that you want a better life, when you want to rise up from mediocrity and grab the best life can offer.

"Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything."  Napoleon Hill.

Are you ready?  Do you want to?

Once you have made the decision to grab success, to focus on what is important for you, it is time to hack into the success formula.

1.     Confidence before Perfection

Confidence will always trump perfection. When you wait for the holy grail of perfection your confidence will be drained, you will question what it was you were after. You will question your purpose and the value of what you are doing.  Perfection is an obstacle that will hold you back, you will use it to put off or to let go.  

I made this Hack #1 because when you are waiting to learn more, to research more or get the right sign, the waiting takes over, you will wait in the wings and wait and ponder and still be there looking for more before you start in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months time.  You can see what this can do to your confidence.  

Your confidence builds with action.  The action that is directly focused on what you want to see in your life. Your success is built on the confidence you have in yourself to keep moving in your chosen direction.

2.     Mine the Mindset

Strengthen your mindset by first finding out what beliefs are working for you and what are working against you.  Journaling is a great tool to mine your thoughts, your values and beliefs.  Keep asking yourself the WHY question.  Why do I want this so badly?  Why do I keep changing my mind on this subject? Why do I get scared?  Why do I do what I do?

We spend a lot of our thinking time in the past, stuff about what we did or didn't do, or how we screwed up. Our beliefs and assumptions can be wounded from past events and constrict what is possible and cause us to accept something less.  Don't build your identity on past pain, it is not who you are. Purge your past and look at your failures, yes it sucked and you kick yourself for it but what are the lessons or warnings, what can I learn and use now. 

Remember, you are what you think.  The defeatist dwells on the problem and the fears.  The courageous successful person will search for solutions and is optimistic and resilient.

Your mindset for success, the belief in yourself and what you can accomplish is your strongest foundation.  Keep developing your skill for positive, grateful thoughts and a strong belief that your success comes first from the inside.

3.     Critical Friendship

What a great asset to have a friend who can give you another perspective.  A friend you can bounce off ideas and a friend who will listen to understand and give you the space to describe your vision and how you are going to achieve it.  This friend is your confidante, no secrets here, just honest, thoughtful feedback with no personal agenda. The friend pays attention, asks questions and finds the opportunities that you are not seeing yet.

All this you may not find in one person, to hack into your success quicker you need a friend, a coach, mentors, a group, a community who will help and encourage you.

4.     Resourcefulness before Resources

Not every day is going to be a winning day, there will be times when stuff happens.  This is when your resourcefulness will really kick in.  You are resourceful when you know there is more than one way to get to your goal. You are resourceful when you are creative in your solutions and willing to take the risk.  Are you using your time in the best way?  Are you getting the right things done?  You master your resourcefulness by being clear on what you want, by being strategic in how you go about getting what you want, by taking managed risks and to focus daily on your priorities.

The success formula does require your work, your time and your effort. Be practical in how you have thought out your vision and have mapped your goals. Be strategic with your targets and with your resources. Work out what you want to see at each signpost along the way.

5.     Seek Focus & Flow

      This one, for me has been the key that has opened up my success. All my good intentions would work for a while, then I would be distracted, put things off or start again.  I can be impatient and would get frustrated when it didn't happen fast enough for me.  I was multi tasking and multi learning and when I sat back I could see I was just going from one experience to the next with little discipline.
      Focus and Flow have kept me in the rhythm of success and has opened up to me, so many opportunities.  

     When I focus on the expectancy of what I will achieve, it looks so real to me, even though it is in the future, I can now filter only that which is important.  The benefit of being focused on your vision is that you make clear decisions suited to your purpose and a determination to make it happen.

     The flow is when those decisions you started become your natural state. The natural state of how you want to live your life and what you want to see in your life.  
      This starts out as small actions you take on a daily basis, keep these daily actions for at least 21 days for them to become a habit.  Once they are a habit you move into a flow where your body and your mind want to do them without you consciously having to make it happen. A common example is to see success in your health, more energy, feeling fit and eating well.  You may have a goal, such as a good BMI, to run marathons, or less sick days. Your small actions you put in place, every day, turn into good habits and become your new lifestyle.

Set up your success rhythm and it will become your natural lifestyle.

6.   Purpose,  Pleasure & Pain

     Finding your purpose doesn't come easily to everyone. Do you feel sometimes you are hiding and that people mustn't find you out? Are you who you want to be?  is there a more extraordinary version of you? Do you want to live life on your terms?  
     Give yourself the best gift of time. The time out for yourself to clarify your purpose. Look at what excites you, what you love to talk about or read about, what gets you all fired up, what comes naturally to you.   You have a unique purpose, the right fit for you.  There is no need to push it, just let it bubble to the surface.

     Success is just the zing in your purpose. Success is the added benefit, the bonus points in our game of life. Your purpose has a driving force that you know what it would be like if you went ahead, the pleasure it would give you and you know the pain, if you didn't step into your purpose.

    What would it look like if you stepped into your purpose?  More time with your family, better relationships, travel, energy, sleep better, enriched, abundant, positive, secure....
    What would it look like if you held back? Anxious, scared, frustrated, lost, puppet, wannabe, ....

    The consequences of pleasure and pain attached to our purpose amplify our motivation to succeed.

7. Clarity for Now and the Future

     Once you have your vision and purpose, you are ready for the master plan.
     Step into 4 or even 5 years time, what does success look like for you? The time you spent getting the detail in your vision is going to help here to turning them into your big audacious/achievable goals.  It's time to get that clarity into what you want to achieve and attention to how you are going to make it happen. 
     Keep it simple, keep it actionable and make it fun & exciting.  

    Remember your success hinges on your action.  You are making decisions for change and your commitment will bring you success.

The 7 Ways to hack into your success give you rich fundamentals to create your success. There is more and I will be adding to each of the 7 ways, with insight, warnings, ideas and how to's to help you unlock your best future.

     My purpose is to help people connect with their best life.  This is exciting for me as its the opportunity to see people go from just talking about it to making it happen. 

     To help you really connect to your why and what you want to do.  

     I had some challenging and chronic phases in my life that had left me thinking "Is that all there is?". I can't I get ahead, I am dragging my feet, I am stressed and worn out.  I have learnt that when you set your purpose, set your intention and create a vision that is when things change, all aspects of my life got better and better.  The coaching I offer comes from a place of experience, never-ending research and testing and the desire to have that ripple effect on others in their life and to get your WHY into action.

 Unlock your best future
My words are centred in the desire and intention to help people bring about their best and connect to their best future.

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