Thank you 2015

Thank you 2015 for....

This has been a new chapter in my life.  I left long term employment, I travelled, I have had some wise teachers and met new friends.

In March and April, there were my wonderful travels to Paris, Berlin, Rugen, Fussen, Archacon, Singapore.  For the snow, the heat, the laughs, the adventure, we always want to come back for more and planning to do this! In March , 2016 it is a USA road trip.

2015 has been the year of learning for me.  I look back and wow, I have really put in a lot of hours.

I decided to look at my health holistically and I am back into yoga and it is now a part of my everyday routine - I love my yoga, and I attended classes to discipline my breathing and learn new poses.  Also, practising Meditation, learning both passive and active styles and I am getting better at it all the time. I can see what all the fuss is about now.

Reading great books that have inspired and educated me.  The power of intention by Dr Wayne Dyer  is a stand out for me and I mourned the passing of Dr Wayne Dyer, yet rejoice that he was a part of my world and so blessed that his books are his legacy.  

I focused on my education this year and spent a lot of time working on my skills in coaching, NLP, mind mastery, financial mastery, public speaking, marketing, branding. Also getting a good handle on writing, who would have thought I would love to write!  My skills are setting me up for a great 2016.  I am totally grateful and humble to the teachers who have come into my life.

I know so many more people than I did this time last year and I am very thankful that I can call them my friends who are generous, intelligent and sharing.
Some of my goals have come to be...but there are some that are still outstanding that will cross over to 2016. I have learnt to enjoy the journey and creating each day to show my purpose to be the best I can be.

2015 has been a great spiritual awakening for me with the growing appreciation of our mental strength and the why and how to, to design your life rather than react to your life.

What a boost it is, to look back and find the gems in the year, looking at it from a thankful perspective, because yes there were some tough times but I am here, I am still going and I am going stronger.  The words that keep repeating to me are "design your life".
Do not lead a life by chance or accident, look at your intention of why you want to be and do and how to make this happen. I am very grateful that I have come this far and I will carry this gift of gratitude every day.

Thank you are the two most powerful words to have in your vocabulary.  Use them frequently.

So for 2016 my strong intention is to continue to design my life, to use and pass on the knowledge of why and how to design your best life and I want to see others flourish in their chosen life.

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