Time is Money

After a weekend of intense self development with Authentic Education, great content and time well spent.  There were many take aways for me. Yet, the one message in my head when I woke up this morning was TIME IS MONEY.

Time is a resource that you can kid yourself to think is infinite.  I put off, put aside, wait another day, get stuck, get off track, get busy panic and then, say  - oh ****  there it is not enough time.

Time is finite and it is guaranteed you will eventually run out of time.

When TIME IS MONEY keeps repeating in my head, I know it is important for me to sit up, listen and learn.

When it comes to money, it is important to me, I can buy things, I can amplify my life, money gives me greater freedom and I could list 100 reasons why money is important to me.

Time is my best asset and yet do I value time?

Are the systems that I have and the planning that I do making the best use of my time?

Does the way I value time reflect on how much I value myself?

I wrote down 3 ways to value my time and the decisions I make..here they are.

Three ways to value my time.

1. The time spent in the beginning, when planning and organising my life, my goals and my day is the best and biggest investment.  The management of my time, my decisions, my life has results and I make time.

2. Look at what is not working for me and replace with a better way.  The average person looks at emails 38% of their day, put an hourly rate on that and you will see it is way too expensive.  If you look at time as money, then you are burning dollars in front of your face.  When I put systems in place, use shortcuts, reduce double handling in my daily routine, I save time.

3. Be alert to the traps that want to take your time. Traps like phone tag, serial web surfer, social media junkie, procrastination, saying yes when you mean no ( in terms of your time), keep losing items and searching, people who don't value your time and more.  Traps take your time.

The detail on the "how to " strategies are definitely more than one blog post can handle.

Just by doing this one thing,  knowing that my time is valuable sets me on a path of decision making to better management, system tips to put in place and backing away from the traps.

When you view time is money and you view time as valuable, you will make decisions that are important for you and it will show up in your self worth, your efficiency and productivity.

I am curious, what are your thoughts on how you value time?  

I would love to hear and be inspired by you.

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