My word for the week - Worthy

What a magnificent thought to take into the week.

Feeling worthy tends to get caught up in actions and reactions....
Have you heard or spoken these? "If I do this then I will be worthy. When I am good I am worthy, When things are going well it means I am worthy.  When I lose the weight then I am worthy. When I wear my best clothes I am worthy."  A conditional worthiness that is pinning your hopes on actions and by doing you will transcend into a state of worthiness.

All of us need reminding that being worthy is your birthright.

You are born worthy.
There is no doing, no behaviour that makes you worthy or even more worthy. You do not manipulate or allow yourself to be manipulated to conjure up worthiness.   It cannot be given to you, it cannot be taken away.  Your worth is not written on a balance sheet.  There is no bargaining with your worth.

Pride or ego don't play a part in this, worthy is your natural state.
You are worthy.
Nurture your worth and the worth of others.
Breathe in these words I Am, I Am Worthy,  Let it soak into every cell of your being. Your first thought when you wake and your last thought before you sleep.  Accept this truth for yourself and for every person, every animal and every plant.

See your place in this world as worthy.
You will always be worthy.
Let go of the struggle to prove yourself.
You relax in this truth. You will notice generosity and openness will bubble up and the stress and judgements that mess with your thinking will shrivel and fade.

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