How to view an obstacle

Right now I am living the result of my choices and right now I need to be reminded that those decisions are based on the vision to create a better life.

The vision that I mapped out, the goals that I planned are stalling and the obstacles that are in my way are making life difficult.  The cracks of doubt and scarcity widen as I focus more on what is not working out for me rather than what is working out.  My positive determination is leaking and replaced with anxiety, sleeplessness and fretting.

Most of my energy is taken with viewing the obstacles and setbacks and I can see this is fuelling doubt for my choices and to doubt myself.

How do you break away from what you perceive to be the reality and seeing these obstacles as massive walls that want to pull you back and to give in and give up?

This is my reminder on what I know:

The perception of a situation can be the turning point in how you create your best life.

Loss, grief, sickness, scarcity do happen.  They are part of our reality. We have been trained and educated into a mindset of scarcity, never enough time, money and opportunity.  Step back and remember it is the perception of our circumstances and how we choose to act on those perceptions that will either make you or break you. Scarcity is not my heritage anymore.  We have access to many great writers and teachers who are devoted to developing our understanding and to mine how we think and feel.  I choose to leverage from the uplifting words of others to direct my life.

When I come out the other end of the events and circumstances in my life that have carried the most obstacles, the most heartache I can see in the rearview that there is also an opportunity.   You could say I look for the silver lining or the rainbow after the storm.  I need to know that there is worth when there is challenge. I look for what I can learn and dig deep to find out what is this problem trying to elicit from me, what skill does it need.

Obstacles do show up and you have to choose:  run away, focus on it as some sort of doomsday sign, or view the obstacles as an ally, not an enemy.

What I am learning now is:

To not give in to the emotion of these obstacles, there is no attachment and no worry. Give more energy to my dream and my plan. It is up to me to place my emotion where it will best serve to cultivate a strong heart and mind. I factor in that there will be obstacles and I see these challenges as an ally to learn and know that when it all comes together it will be even sweeter for the lessons I have learnt.

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