Thank you

Two simple words connected together that can connect you to living better.

As a child you were instructed to always follow with what you receive with a thank you, as a parent you reinforce that with your children.  It is a universal social custom that is expected in society, but it is more than good manners that you are showing.

The thought behind these two words goes much deeper and the connection we have with the exchange of giving and receiving shows that thankfulness in our lives does create an aura of positive life nurturing attraction.

Say thank you for every gift you receive and for every time you can give, no matter how small, simple or insignificant you may think of it at the time.

Mornings are always a good place to start...first thoughts when you wake is to genuinely feel and express thank you for anything that comes to mind.

Maintain your thanks when, as the day goes on, you find yourself distracted with annoyances.  Come back and whisper thank you.

Use those pockets of time and catch when your mind wanders and say, oh yes, thank you.

When your head is not in the right space and you just can't see what to be thankful for, put your hand on your heart and say thank you.

Build, little by little those moments to tune into being thankful.

You are creating your own masterpiece and every brushstroke is layered upon those two words.

As your momentum grows and being thankful is your habit, you will experience times when you will walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.

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