Motivate Me!

The most common response after someone asks me what I do is the challenge to
"Motivate Me!"  

Motivate me to lose the weight, motivate me to get a new job, motivate me to find the right partner.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have the perfect magical answer to take you from your current view to a better view, to pour liquid motivation over you and make it that bit easier.

Most times I answer " you are already motivated, you just don't realise it."

Just by asking that question and asking for guidance, you are motivated to move in a different and better direction.

Let's look at how to acknowledge that sleeping giant of motivation in you....

Desire is the catalyst to motivate you. 

I can place ideas and practices along your path to strengthen your desire and guide you with the follow through but you know it is up to you to grab your future.

You are the source of your motivation.  It is in your DNA to want to progress and have better.
Your strongest desire is to break out of the ordinary and change things up. Declare what you desire.

Value drives your motivation.

Our circumstances do affect how we see ourselves and others and those experiences affect the perception of our value.  What you value you will focus on, whether it is of benefit or detriment to you.  When you value who you are and your place in this world,  there is a natural motivation.  The opposite is true as well. No value in yourself or what you are after, then no motivation.  Strong and positive self worth drives your motivation.

Focus stimulates your motivation

Every day you start your day with a focus. What that focus is, well again that is entirely up to you.
You can focus on what is not happening, what is not working or you can try the alternative and focus on what is possible, what will happen, what is happening to see your desire tangible. Focus feeds your motivation and motivation feeds your focus. Stimulate your motivation with the focus on the thoughts, actions and habits that will benefit you.

Now you are ready to put that motivation into practice.  How will you unlock your best future?

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