Series on Success, Chapter 7

Clarity not Confusion

In all your efforts to attain success, you discover that true success is about working from from the inside out. 

That first  step, that committed decision to want to unlock your future,  shows that you have already begun, already commenced the journey.  

That first step is the biggest step, because now you want to use the experiences of your past for knowledge and wisdom and turn the pain and the sorrow into understanding and empathy. 

There is clarity about your rightful place here and can now employ the right tools, your many skills and resourcefulness to live life with success.

Your clarity evokes a vision for your future choices and once you have your vision, you are ready for the master plan.

To step out use the essential tool, the one you access all the time...your imagination.

Allow your mind to wander to the future...what are you doing in 5 years? 

What will you be doing?  How will you be living? What is important to you? What does success look like for you?

The time you spend getting the detail in your vision will help to turn your stories into your big audacious and achievable goals. 

You have that clarity into what you want to achieve and can give it the attention to imagine its reality.

Keep it simple, keep it actionable and fun. 

Expand your vision using drawings, pictures, writing, colour, smells, conversation. Add laughter, joy, earnestness, accomplishment and completion to your story. Refine and polish the clarity of your new place.

When there is clarity, confusion is gone.
When there is clarity, you are more decisive. 
When there is clarity, confidence is home.
When there is clarity, your mind is strong.

This is last chapter and all good things are worth repeating...

Know this is the most important!  Your success is not another's expectations of you and how you measure up to someone else, nor is it how much money or toys that you have.

Your success comes from a place of integrity, joy and value. 
It is there for you, when you choose.  
Your choice. 
You are making the statement, the intention that you now want a better life.   
Life is an amazing ride, it can get messy, it can be full of surprises, the greatest thing, is that you can put your individual stamp on it and enjoy each moment...make the most of it. 

It is your personal responsibility to shape your life. 

Success is there, it is waiting for you.

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