Series on Success, Chapter 5

Seek Focus & Flow

This one, for me has been the key that has opened up how I live my life. 

All my good intentions would work for a while, then I would be distracted, put things off or start again. I can be impatient and I would get frustrated when it didn't happen fast enough for me. I was hooked on reaction to my environment. I was multi tasking and multi learning and when I sat back I could see I was just going from one experience to the next with little discipline or progress to my desired outcome. I was feeling conditioned to believe that pleasing others while denying self was the way to success and to being happy. The feelings of doubt and blame would pull me away from my goal and on to the path of stress.

Giving up seems like the easier path.

What I found worked was when I centred myself with a FOCUS on what I was feeling and what I wanted to feel, the thoughts I was creating and what I wanted to create, the inner work of strength and positive outlook. I let go...not that easy to begin with...and allowed my life to FLOW, for it is then that I trust, let go and listen to my inner wisdom to guide my actions, lead me to the people I most need to meet and develop a rhythm of success. You feel amazing and opportunities present themselves to you.  

More on Focus

When I focus on the expectancy of what I will achieve, it looks so real to me today, even though it is in the future. You place the focus on the emotion you feel as if you already there, rather than the outcome you want to happen. 

A wish from the heart is much stronger than a wish from the mind.  

When you pay attention to the feelings of what you desire, you create the energy and in turn create life.  When you stick with those positive feelings you will be drawn to what you have desired.  

More on Flow

Everything seems to work out when you stop scrambling and let yourself flow with the confidence it will all work out. 

Just imagine you are floating in the sea, gentle waves caress you and carry you to your destination.  This is the feeling of flow you want to have in your life.
Trust the flow and feel at ease with what is happening around you. Remind yourself of this sensation when anxiety and worry creep into your psyche.

Flow is based on trust that what is happening around you, does not change your inner guidance and emotional freedom. It is your natural state of how you want to live your life and what you want to see in your life.  Create your inner environment where self love and self worth will thrive. 

Connect to your positive feelings to what you want, listen with your heart and trust your daily actions to accomplish your goal.

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