Series on Success, Chapter 6

Purpose, Pleasure & Pain

Do you give any thought to questions about you?

Is there more to my life? 
Am I living life on my terms?
What does the more extraordinary version of me, look like? 

Not often do we give ourselves space for reflection and then act upon  it. Most often it is when we are challenged and facing some hardships in our life that we know that this is the time to evaluate what and why and how did I get into this mess.  

The motivation of pain can sit us down and say, "OK! I want to live life on my terms, I want better! What can I do?"

When you are seeking motivation to live life on your terms, remember that the motivation to look for better can come from the pleasure or the pain of your choices.

Look at the bigger question...What would it look like if you stepped into your purpose?

Declaring your purpose and following through does not come easily to everyone. Your purpose can be hard to pin down. Relax....because your purpose has a funny way of finding you. 

To even just start the questioning and seeing the purpose for your life signals you are breaking through to be extra ordinary.  

WHAT IF?....

You live a pleasurable life.  
You are master of your time, connecting with family, enjoy better relationships, lots of travel, lots of energy, you sleep better, life is enriched, abundant, positive and secure. 
This is living life on your terms and you want more. You want to expand, you want to connect, you want to create.  When you have this as your life the pleasure it creates also motivates.      You choose to step into your purpose.     Purpose meets Pleasure. 


Your choice is to hold back. A false sense of safe by not seeking out your best you.

There is a cloud of anxiety hanging around you, you feel scared, frustrated, lost.  A puppet to others and your surroundings.  You feel like a wannabe. You just can't put your finger on it, you know you want to set your direction yet you don't and you feel the pain that it is not working out for you.  
The motivation of pain and the intense desire to rise above your situation can set you on the path to purpose.

Use pleasure and pain, use it to amplify your motivation to succeed. 

You have a unique purpose, the right fit for you. There is no need to push it, just let it bubble to the surface.

Give yourself the gift of time... time out for yourself to clarify your purpose.

Look at what excites you, what you love to talk about or read about, what gets you all fired up, what comes naturally to you. Discover your true self.

It does not need to be static, because at each stage in your life you evaluate your life and what is important to you. The refining of your best. You are uniquely amazing and so is your purpose in this life.

It doesn't have to be long term, it can be here and now, it can change.  

No copies here...this is your individual unique only you purpose.

It may or may not draw money to you, but it can bring you abundance and definitely great joy and satisfaction.

Your purpose has a driving force that you know what it would be like if you went ahead, the pleasure it would give you and you know the pain, if you didn't step into your purpose.

Success is the zing in your purpose.  It's the name you give yourself. 
Success is the added benefit, the bonus in our game of life. 

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