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The separation of yesterday from today can be a tricky operation.
A habit that sits idly in the background, one we have stopped noticing.
It is an ego driven limbo and a smoke screen for today and tomorrow.
Don't live in yesterday, learn from yesterday.

this is what happens when you look to the past to map your present and future....
You respond to today and to your tomorrow with the thinking of yesterday.
It is playing like an echo vibrating in your life of what happened in the past.
The view of yourself is through other's assumptions, opinions and dreams.
You are born that way.
You blame that way.
At the very least - the basic view of life is that the past is certain.
Living in the past is a rear view look at your future.

& as for "Live for Today" 
You live in the grey zone, it is the uncomfortable zone, there is calm and also clarity.
You master your self awareness. 
You understand that yesterday is a lesson building on each experience to create a better future.
Make a fresh interpretation of yesterday to see tomorrow.
Make it difficult for others to offend you.
Get plugged into the moment.
Run the day, not the day run you.

Create hope, create certainty for your future
Create the formula for where you want to go.
 Factor in Discipline, Commitment &
Vision in your hopes.
Your thinking creates your outcomes.
Know your musts.
At the very least - you are certainly creating the best way to live life.

Shoot arrows into the distance.

Now, the question: Are you learning from yesterday, prepared to live for today and have hope for tomorrow?

Here is a take away for you.

Listening to "I am the Greatest"
R. Kelly
I am that star up in the sky, 
I am that mountain peak up high
Heh I made it
 I am the worlds greatest
I am that little bit of hope
when my back's up against the rope
I can feel it
I am the worlds greatest
Can you feel it?

Unlock your best future

My words are centred in the desire and intention to help people bring about their best and connect to their best future.


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