People with Goals Succeed

Have you ever thought that some days you are just walking in circles? 

R U Feeling that apathy overload.

It is half way through the year and here is a nudge to refresh your goals.

You are the best reason to champion your goals, so set them up or dust them off...but make it happen.

If you want convincing, I have here 5 results for setting goals in your life, 5 great outcomes that make a difference to your quality of life.

Goals develop focus

Goals help you to be a quality shopper in life, where you only pick out what you want, what will work for you.  You will focus on what you need to be and do to reach that goal, no wasting time on something that is not the best for you. 

Now that brings more satisfaction into your life.

Goals develop responsibility.  

Goals require commitment and dedication and rely solely on you to make it happen. Yes, you can ask for help but it is your goal, your baby and it is up to you. 

Now that brings more courage and pride into your life.

Goals can stretch your limits. 

Goals show you that you are always more than you think you are. It maybe one small action to start with, get used to that and then move onto some more stretch because you are seeing more of what is possible. You really don't know how far you can go until you keep moving those goals out beyond your limits.

Now that brings more choices, more joy into your life.   

Goals create habits. 

To make goals happen, to see them as a reality in your life you need to look at including new habits and systems in your routine.   It is tough going if you don't re-jig your habits or how you are currently operating because if you don't, you will fall behind in seeing your goal come to life. Your new habits benefit your mind, body & soul and a value add to tying your goals to life. 

Now that brings certainty and strength into your life.

Goals develop your thinking.

Here is where it gets really interesting, because your goal maybe a tangible thing, like a job, house, car, finances, relationship, yet what the goal is really doing is helping you strengthen your positive thoughts, visualising how it will be and appreciating what is possible. This kind of thinking spills into all areas of your life, not just the one thing you picked out.

Now that brings a sense of truth and peace into your life.

When you want to max and sustain your satisfaction, your courage, your pride..
When you want more choices, more joy... 
When you want to bring on more certainty and strength, more truth and peace in  life
Set your sights on your goals.

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