Confidence 101

When you choose something you are excited about confidence blooms

Remember the times when you were confident, when you marched ahead because it meant so much to you, when you stepped out because you knew there was  no other way for you, when you stood your ground because you believed.  Enjoy the emotion, ah confidence I knew you were there, I just needed a reminder. I did it then, I can do it now.

Confidence blooming requires action, and when you are excited about what will happen, you see that confidence comes along for the ride.

Confidence building starts with looking at your strong points.  No limitations or reasons, just your strong points. If you are struggling with this, then ask your dearest friend. Your strong list will remind you that confidence has played a part in that.

The best confidence boost is being kind to yourself, no need to push or struggle or hold on to something that is not adding to your life. 

Choose something you are excited about and confidence blooms.

I have often seen and experienced that when you really want to do something, when you are excited about it, then confidence is expected.  One of my confidence blooming stories was when I was doing work that made me miserable, in fact it only made the lack of confidence stronger and then I made the BIG decision to take the big step and change my path. At the time it couldn't get any bigger for me.

When I considered that to get into my chosen profession, I would need to go to University and at the time a little absurd as I hadn't studied or been in a schooling environment for a very long time, no money to spare, and the challenges "seemed" too much to even start . 

I stepped back from my limitations and looked at my strong points, I asked for support and I knew I could do this, so I studied and sat for the Year 12 entrance exam. I chose the toughest way, but I was extremely excited to get the opportunity of gaining my qualification and confidence came along for the ride. It's all history now and along with the qualification, I learnt the life lesson that when you want to live a life that has passion and excitement for what you do, then confidence comes along too.

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