this a yes, no or maybe?

Procrastination - The more I think about it, the bigger it gets! 
You know when you look at something long enough you see it everywhere.  
It didn't seem like a big thing, I learnt to live with it.  
Sometimes I could wear it like a badge of honour, or be in the cool procrastinator group and swap stories of how bad we are, have a good laugh and sigh "oh well". At least I am not alone in this.

Hold on, just let me check Face Book.

I confess I have this bathroom and it has been waiting for its makeover for well...two years.  To give you an idea, it looks a little like these bathrooms.  I am organised in many areas of my life, but my bathroom is a does get clean, so don't be horrified. I just need better cupboard space.  Sometimes you get so used to what it looks like that it is no longer labelled procrastination just "normal", you live with it.  "This is how it is"; "don't sweat the small stuff", "waiting on inspiration". 
The time I have spent inventing the excuses then getting it done. 
I could have had new cupboards by now.

Honestly after putting procrastination at the top of my "things for the better this year" list,  I knew that I really don't like putting off what I know needs to be done.  Being a pro at procrastination was not getting me anywhere. I have pulled this pro - crass- tin - ation apart and now know what to do and what not to do. Number One is to recognise it - no excuses.

Here are a few questions...won't take up much of your time :)

Do you let your everyday tasks, even the urgent tasks take precedence over what you have said is important and need to do?

Do you have motivation highs after being inspired and then it fades and you just don't follow through?

Do you wait for the rush of deadline? 

Are you waiting for perfect?
YES or No

Ouch, if you said YES... count yourself in the PROcrastinator group.  We all procrastinate, but when you do this over and over again and it is holding you back, then it's time to change the behaviour.

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